Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sea of Pink

Thank you all for your fabulous insights into the world that is the Fall TV lineup. I am now hooked on several new shows, thanks to you. I am pretty sure I should be a spokesperson for Hulu.

So this past Sunday I walked in the Susan G. Komen 5K in downtown Denver. I have never been a part of something this big. And let me tell you, it was amazing.

I have two friends who have won the battle with breast cancer this year and it was a privilege to walk beside them. Other than getting up at o'dark hundred, the day was beautiful and the people were fantastic.

If you ever get the chance to walk or run in one of these events, I would highly recommend it. Your faith in humanity increases exponentially.

I am so proud of you Tami and Tara (the two in the pink shirts). You are my heroes!

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