Wednesday, October 19, 2011


During our photo shoot on Friday with the lovely bride, I left my camera under a nearby tree along with my flip flops and hairspray.

However, once the pictures were over, I turned around to see that my camera was no longer where I left it; instead it was around the neck of my six year-old nephew.

Case in point:

For the next hour, while Claire and Carr were busy posing, Noah followed the photographer around and took every shot he did. In fact, once I was able to retrieve my camera, I saw that Noah had taken over 200 pictures.

Here are a few of him I took on my phone:

Oh my gosh, he kills me. And by the way, doesn't Claire look stunning? I mean seriously.

I began going through the 200 shots he took and I came across some amazing photos. Take a look:

That kid is a genius, I tell you. A genius.


  1. What a cutie. And a smarty. Thanks for the pics, Sarah!


    The Seester/Bride. (Not to be confused with a Sister Bride. Ick.)

  2. What a talented kid! I feel a career blooming. How wonderful to be related to such a prodigy! Seriously. The kid is great . . . kinda like his aunt.

  3. Sister Brides are quite icky Claire. Noah was so into it and they turned out beautifully. He is quite gifted. Claire looks beautiful in all of them and she wasn't even posing for Noah. So impressive.

  4. He really does have an eye for pictures - maybe he needs his own fancy pants camera :) Claire looks beautiful!!

    Mandy <><

  5. I see a bright future ahead for that little one!