Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big, Ginormous News.


You might want to sit down for this.

My mind is still reeling. And I could really use a nap. But I have a feeling that isn't going to happen for at least the next 10 days.

On Sunday, after my fun 5K walk, I came home to take a nap and go dress shopping with Claire. However, right before we were supposed to leave, Claire and Carr asked my mom and I how we felt if they moved up their wedding.

Now, this did not surprise me because they have already moved their date from March 17 to February 4. And since these two have been counting the minutes until their wedding since their second date, I figured pushing it up a few more weeks was no big deal. It would just mean that she would have to find her dress today and I would have to begin a no-sugar, no-carbs, no-calorie diet immediately.

But then she said, "We were thinking of moving it to next Friday."

Crickets chirping.

And then I am pretty sure my head exploded.

After our initial shock, my mom and I came up with all the pros and cons as to having it so soon. And we still went dress shopping, keeping in mind that we may possibly need to find a dress that she could wear right now. And after a longer discussion with my parents, and his parents, they decided to sleep on it and meet in the morning to make a decision.

That was yesterday morning and I am happy (scared, terrified, tired, elated, overwhelmed) to say that they are, in fact, getting married next Friday. 


As in October 14.

Which is NEXT Friday.

Claire called me at work yesterday to tell me the news. In response, I hyperventilated and immediately got online to find a dress. I promptly ordered three from Dillard's in hope that one of them may possibly work for a MOH dress in which I will need to wear NEXT FRIDAY. I then emailed the bridesmaids to discuss throwing her a personal shower, called my mom to make sure none of us were going crazy and then I tried to get some work done.

"Tried" being the operative word.

Before I go on I must say that they have moved up the wedding for very important reasons. If they waited longer, they ran the chance of some of the closest people in their lives not being able to attend. And Claire also suffers from terrible migraines, which has already limited her wedding planning. And besides, they are crazy about each other and don't want the hassle and stress of having a wedding months away. The ceremony will be small and for family and wedding party only but they are planning a big reception with all of their friends and extended family in the near future.

So, we are now on track to planning a wedding in 10 days. Big or small, the elements to any wedding are the same: venue, dress, food, music, cake, photographer and people. Now, they just have to do it faster.

Much, much faster.

So stay tuned as I blog about this 10-day marathon to the altar! And if you have tips, I would love to hear them.  Also, feel free to bring me a latte and a masseuse anytime you are in the neighborhood. I guarantee one of us will need it.



    (Still hyperventilating, but LOVE it!)

    I think your boss should give you the week off.

  2. Thanks sweet sister.

  3. This is an all hands on deck situation! Not only should your boss give you the week off, but everyone in the office too, so that they can be wedding worker bees! :)

    SO happy for Claire and Carr and the fams! Cannot wait to hear the details! :)

  4. I'm sooooo excited!!!! Yay!! Everything will work out so well and in the end they'll be married, which is all that really matters!


  5. Holy Cow! MOH, you got this and I will be praying the whole wedding party to the finish line on the 14th. Praise God for the International Date Line, that is the only way I am going to stay ahead of this fast moving blessing! Love you all ~ Majil

  6. How exciting!! I have every confidence in you as the MOH to help pull this off :) If you need any advice I have been watching A LOT of episodes of Four Weddings lately, so if you all need crazy theme ideas, or thoughts on releasing doves vs. butterflies, just let me know ;) I'm looking forward to hearing how it all turns out - which I'm sure will be amazing!!

    Mandy <><

  7. WoW! Just cought up on the blog. Amazing! You can do this and it will be fantastic! Mike and I got engaged Nov. 3 and I was hoping for a Dec. wedding. Unfortunately it didn't happen, but it well could have. Have fun and enjoy the ride! - Tirzah