Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Wedding

And I'm back.

I have been lying on the couch for almost two days and I am thinking I could use another two to fully recover. But let me tell you, it was completely worth it. In every way, the day was perfect. And Claire and Carr couldn't be happier.

Friday morning, just as my parents house was beginning to buzz, a sweet friend brought Chick-Fil-A breakfast and lunch for the entire wedding party. It was incredible and a very delicious way to start the day.

Soon after, the bridesmaids, Carr's parents and the groomsmen arrived and the house was packed full of happy, chicken-eating people. In the meantime, Claire was busy packing for her mini-moon and then had her hair appointment. By the time she got home, the make-up artist had finished on all of us and we were ready to help Claire get bride-ified.

Or whatever that word should be.

When we arrived at the DU campus, the boys were dressed and ready to go. Once again I am faced with the reality that boys have it SO EASY! One of the groomsmen said that he was able to get a nap and watch an episode of Friday Night Lights. Meanwhile us girls were gluing fake eyelashes to our eyeballs and trying to make sure we had enough hairspray on our hair to withstand the next twelve hours of pictures. Not. Fair. At. All.

Here are a few well-dressed gents:

I can never resist a six year-old in a tux.

Claire finished getting ready and took a few pictures with us girls. But then came the moment they had waited for: it was time for Claire and Carr to see each other. She stood in a small grassy area partly shaded by trees and had her back to him. He walked up to her, fully dressed in his dressed whites, and tapped her on the shoulder. At that moment the rest of the world melted away. It was really very sweet and beautiful


And then it was time for a billion pictures, which should be ready for viewing in 6-8 weeks. But here is a candid shot of the happy couple, a few attendants and me.

I think I was fluffing. Or maybe one of my eyelashes fell off, I don't remember.

After the pictures came the most serene, meaningful ceremony I have ever seen. My dad walked her down the aisle perfectly, I stood in my spot without falling over and Noah was flawless as the ring boy. And Claire and Carr were calm and happy the entire time.

When the ceremony was over, a 1930 Chrysler Imperial with a chauffeur named Kirk, whisked them away to Maggiano's downtown. Here's a picture of the car, isn't it fabulous?

By the time we arrived at the restaurant, I was more than ready for some serious carbohydrates. The wait staff had prepared a private room with hot appetizers waiting for us. Sweet Noah fell asleep before the salad was ever served while the rest of us made our way through four courses of cheesy goodness. Next came the toasts and I was able to give mine with only tearing up once.

And then we danced like our feet didn't hurt. It was such a wonderful way to not only finish the day, but to finish the marathon we had been on for the last 10 days. Like I said before, it was perfect.

Thank you for all of your well wishes and encouragement these past few days! You have been fantastic! I promise to post more pictures soon but I wanted to give you a glimpse into Claire's special day.

And feel free to congratulate Mr. And Mrs. Lewis when you see them again. They'll be the ones smiling. A lot.


  1. YEAH!!!! LOOKS PERFECT!!!!!

  2. Everyone looked fantastic! Claire really stole the show - that dress is perfection! Sounds like the most perfect evening! :)

  3. Beautiful! But where's a picture of you in your dress??? - Tirzah

  4. I'm so glad it went so well! Looking forward to more pictures :)

    Mandy <><

  5. This was one of my top favorite days ever! Everything was so perfect and happy! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Lewis! Love you!


  6. I've had fun reading your daily updates on the wedding! It looks like everything was sheer perfection! I want to see a better picture of you in the dress!! I can barely see you in the background of that one photo! Glad you are taking some time to relax and unwind!