Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Worry, It's Just Called "Coping"

Hi friends. I am finding myself at a loss for words these days. This last week has been the weirdest and most difficult week of my life. I wish I could say otherwise, but it is true.

However, I have realized that I as I write and talk about this (as awkward as that is sometimes), I must look at this through a lens of humor. I have to, it is just how I operate. And my dad is the same way. He is one funny dude.

So, if I write things about my dad's imprisonment and the trial that my family and I are enduring in a way that seems comical, flippant, or less than sincere, please know that it is not my intent. It is just how I cope.

Because believe me, this is the most serious thing I can imagine right now.


  1. Laughter truly is the best medicine sometimes. Praying for moments of smiles in the midst of this very trying time! Love you & the fam!

  2. Amen sister. Me too.

    Love you.

  3. Seeing the silver lining in the clouds, finding humor in the pitfalls of life, and teaching others about hope along the way by your example, are all things you do so well, Sarah. Bring it on!

  4. The fact that you are sharing what is real for you and processing it in a way that is real for you - engaging all sides of the thing - is one of the healthiest coping methods I can think of. Continued love, prayers and blessings,

  5. Sarah, however is best for you to communicate and share, your fans will always be here supporting you, in the good, in the bad, in the easy, in the hard.

    The Wild Plum

  6. You and me both. Many an awkward situation I've made only worse through humour. One stands out vividly because I was talked to later about how inappropriate I was, and I mentally made a note that I thought they were wrong and planned to laugh at life regardless. 5 of my friends had slid off a dirt road and were saved from falling down a sheer cliff by a twig of a tree after rolling a few times. When they finally emerged I put on my best Sean Connery and said "just how I like 'em, shaken not shhhtirrrred" they all laughed (because they get me) others around me glared, then later there was the talking to. So, forget the social graces that only the most staid and boring people have enough time to write entire etiquette books about, and laugh at danger and mayhem that wrecks our lives. MWAHAHAHA p.s. I have very much enjoyed following the tales of your dad's forced excursion to summer camp. I know its a shit situation, so don't get me wrong. But I hope you continue to blog it, good and bad.