Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Pull Off A Wedding in 10 Days - Day 5

Where in the world did Day 5 go? I'll tell you where it went: dress shopping.

My three dresses finally arrived yesterday afternoon and I had just enough time to try them on before the florist appointment. Much to my dismay and perhaps the beginning of an ulcer, I determined that none of them would work. None. As in the designers forgot that I have hips.

So it was off to the mall(s) to find the perfect MOH dress. We searched high and low but I am happy to report that I found it! And it is beautiful. The top half is white and the bottom is black. I know I may sound like an Oreo, but trust me, it is divine. And Claire said it was okay if part of it was white. I was really happy to hear this because I was quickly losing steam. And since I will be the only attendant standing up there with her, I want to feel good in what I am wearing without having to wear three pairs of Spanx.

And speaking of which, I am completely certain that Spanx are the best invention ever created next to the salted caramel mocha. I am pretty sure the Spanx people knew that too.

Here are some other highlights from our day:
  • Claire and Carr found an apartment! Awkwardness avoided.
  • We met with the florist yesterday. She made flowers sound like they were priceless works of art. And although I was only half-way listening, I am pretty sure ranunculas are going to be involved and I do love ranunculas.
  • Claire found her shoes. They are fabulous and sparkly and perfect for Claire.
  • The lovebirds have booked their mini-moon for a long weekend. I would tell you where they are going but we all know that Claire secretly works for the CIA and I don't want to get on their bad side.
  • They registered at Target but found out just this morning that their registry didn't save correctly and all that is left in it is a humidifier. Wonderful for sleeping, unfortunate for dinner guests.
  • Noah is going to be the "ring boy," as he calls it. I am pretty sure he is going to rock it.
  • There will be dancing at the reception dinner on Friday. And when it comes to dancing, my dad is as smooth as butter. Case in point:

  • Programs have been created and Claire and my mom are buying the paper today. I love nice paper. Is that weird?
  • I just realized I have to give a speech. I wonder if I could make it a musical number as well.
  • My mom, sister and I are power shoppers. When we get in the zone, a lot can be accomplished...and purchased.
  • It is starting to look more like wedding week around here. Even the animals are getting into it.

Thank you again for your encouragement and cheerleading. Seriously, you all are tops!


  1. I love all of the dancing that goes on in your house! I am so excited about everything!!!! Yay for wedding week


  2. It's all coming together!!! How exciting!!! I, too, love paper . . . it's a very tactile communication medium. In fact, when I get some beautiful paper I have to talk myself into using it, because you know--once you use it, you don't have it anymore. Sigh. I can't wait to see pictures of you . . . and the rest of the wedding party. Especially the stapled kid. I mean, the bride. :) Love you to the moon and back!

  3. MOH, you are the bomb! Praying you all thru the finish. Love you ~ Majil

  4. Hooray for the power shoppers!

  5. Sounds like everything is falling into place, just in the nick of time!! You are doing a fabulous job as MOH, sister and roommate . =)


  6. I encourage musical numbers. Especially ones that involve spirit fingers, tap dancing, and a kick line.


    The Seester