Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Pull Off A Wedding in 10 Days - Day 9

Good gravy. Today is the last day. HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN?

Claire is typing furiously on her computer right now while I am updating the blog. She woke up earlier today than she does for work. That's just not natural. But apparently she has a lot on her mind and the least I can do is supply her with coffee and occasional cheers.

But I have to be honest with you for a minute. When Claire and I both get stressed and tired, we argue. This is not good, especially on Day 10. I know I should be mature enough to not argue but there is just something about a sister that brings it out in me.

Stupid, stupid sin nature.

Well yesterday brought my last day of work (big thanks to my boss!) and a mom and sister mani /pedi. It was at a place called Fancy Fingers and we had the best time. My hands now look like they belong to a girl instead of a logger.

My lady's name was Barb and she asked me what I was going to do now that I was losing my roommate (I have been asked this question at least 20 times in the last 9 days. And the answer is still "I have no earthly idea.") So Barb suggested that I buy a dog or two. I told her that I preferred a husband.

Claire got her hair highlighted and then spent the evening with Carr at their new apartment. They are literally right across the street from me and they have already said they will be over every night for dinner. I may just surprise them and show up at their house for dinner instead. Although they don't have dishes right now so I may wait until their registry kicks in.

I came home and laid horizontally on the couch for three hours. I was beginning to feel sick but there is nothing like a little Modern Family and a dinner of frozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and a glass of wine to make you feel as right as rain!

In other news, Carr's parents arrived last night and I am really looking forward to meeting them. I realize that I am the only extrovert in my entire family so I'll try to be on my best behavior.

Today is our sprint to the finish line! Claire and I will pick up her dress and learn how to bustle it, we will have the programs printed, Noah's tux fitted, plus there is last-minute shopping and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It's going to be a very full day.

Thank you again for being the best readers ever. Seriously, you have made this process so much more fun! If I could, I would bear hug you right now but I am really trying not to mess up my manicure. I am really digging my girl hands.


  1. Hello, beautiful Rymer ladies! Praying all those last minute details get all wrapped up and done so you can enjoy these final moments before the big day! It's been fun to get a peek into all that's gone on. Thrilled for Claire and Carr...and the fams! :)

  2. Hang in there! It's gonna be great! - Tirzah

  3. Logger hands. :) You are so randomly hilarious. Can't wait to see the nails.


  4. I totally get the "sister nerve" thing. I thought it would go away when we grew up...but I guess that hasn't happened yet! At least it doesn't happen very often!

    Where's the picture of the non-logger hands?!

    I can't wait to hear more, but I guess you have a few more things on your mind than giving me a minute-to-minute update. ;-)

  5. Laura CraneOctober 13, 2011

    I can't believe that Claire is getting married tomorrow - and can't believe even more how quickly the wedding has come together! Prayers and blessings to the newlyweds, the world's best MOH, and your entire family on this very happy and special occasion! Love ya girlie!

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  7. I had a serious typo above. Thus the removed post.
    Here we go again....

    So excited for all of you! Should have asked for the entire week off, tho, Sarah ;) Or maybe you are thinking of taking the week after off? ;)

    Have a great time tomorrow!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to give us glimpses of your whirlwind 10 days as both the MOH and seester of the bride. You're amazing. Have an amazing time celebrating! And just remember--as long as the pastor shows up and they say their I do's the rest is just icing. Love you!

  9. It has been fun to read about the wedding countdown. I lost Claire as a roommate 6 years ago, but I still think of her as my roomie. And better be careful, or I will show up for dinner too! ;)

  10. So fun to read your daily reports! Big hugs to you all and prayers for peace and rest for all of you :-)

    And hey, I'm the only (kind of) extrovert in my family too - I was always the loud, hyper, fast talking one that drove everyone else crazy, so I totally understand!

    Pam Burton (aka Claire's next door neighbor at work)

  11. So so so excited!!!