Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Ten: Fashion Faves of the Summer

I love and adore fashion.

And I especially love summer fashion. And since summer is nearly half-way over (CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!?), I have scoured the internet (namely, Pinterest) to bring you my favorite fashionable items that make me oh-so happy this time of year.

SIDE NOTE: I usually gravitate towards items that I know will look good on my body type. I have to wear somewhat tailored clothing because I have hips. It's true, I do. The minute I go baggy, I begin to look like a walking tent. And let's be honest, what girl wants to look like a mobile home?


So, without further ado, here you go:

1. Cowgirl Boots. As you know, you can wear these year-round, but I find that the summer is when I wear mine the most. These are killer, by the way, KILLER.

2. Coral. This is the absolute best color, ever. It looks great on every skin tone and immediately brightens you up. Bust this out, people.

3. Neutrals. I love wearing white/khaki/black/brown this time of year. It is classic. You cannot go wrong.

4. Turquoise. This color has the ability to make any outfit say "Hey, look at me! I am gorgeous!" It is the perfect accessory color with neutrals, navy blues, pinks/corals and jeans. And you should totally wear it in every season.

5. Stripes. Oh, I love a good trend, and stripes are definitely the trend of the season! I am sure the pirates are happy.

6. Maxi skirts. I love these skirts because they are oh-so comfortable. You can dress them up or down and always look great. And bonus points if you pair it with a jean jacket.

7. Sundresses. Of all the things I love to wear in the summer, the sundress and the white t-shirt are tied for the top spot. This season there are so many sundresses to choose from and they come in every color. A veritable rainbow, if you will.

8. Red. I am LOVING red this season. Red jeans. Red chinos. Red skirts. And if you have a fabu pair of heels to wear with them then we should totally be best friends.

9. Maxi dresses. If the maxi skirt and the sundress had a baby, you would get the maxi dress. I love the one-shoulder look below and I love how the blue one is paired with a belt. Brilliant.

10. Strappy Sandals.  Flats. Heels. Yes, please.

So, what are your faves? I know you have some.


  1. Gah, I want that Coach purse in my life! I love all your trends!!! I also love that you can get away with beachy hair in the summer. So fun and nice and less work. :) I also love bronzer for a quick tan and painted toes. :)

    1. Dear Fellow Irish Girl,
      You are so right on. Bronzer is our best friend. And painted toes are the best, especially if they are in one of today's new colors, like sky blue or teal green. And beachy hair is a dream of mine. We are totally on the same page.

      Other fellow Irish Girl

  2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2012


    I read posts like this and marvel at the fact that we're friends :). I'm so not fashion conscious! I do love flip flops in the summer! I actually wear them as much of the year as I possibly can!

    Mandy <><

    1. Mandy, I love this about you!! And I think we are better friends because we are so different. But don't worry, I adore flip flops too. I would wear them to work if they let me. :)

  3. Sarah - please go out and immediately buy the #3 Neutrals white shirt, khaki skirt with belt outfit for yourself right now. You would look fantastic in that. No matter how far you have to go or how much you have to spend. Go on. Right now. I'll wait.....

    : )

    1. Oh Leah. This is why we are destined to be such great friends. Thank you for letting me shop. You're the best. :)

  4. what kind of cowgirl boots are those in picture #1?! i am in l.o.v.e

    1. Aren't they fabulous?!! They are from Crow's Nest Trading Company, Model #9885-5. Happy shopping!

  5. Do you know where I can find the pencil skirt in neutrals?