Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Size Smaller or Bust


You are spectacular. Thank you for the sweet emails, texts and comments about yesterday's post. Glory to God that He gives us such stupendous freedom! I could seriously bust out some jazz hands right about now.

You made my day.

So, in other news, let's talk about this Vegas wedding, shall we?

It is almost five weeks away and I am in full "get your booty to the gym" mode. I spent most of my winter eating entire pans of brownies so it was way past time for me to get back at it. And all it takes is one three-way mirror to make you find your motivation.

So far, this is what my week has looked like:

Monday, I ran.

Tuesday, I did high intensity circuit training.

Today, I can't move the lower half of my body.

In other words, I feel awesome!

Other than wanting to feel better, I have another reason for this sudden surge of motivation: I ordered my bridesmaids dress one size smaller than what I normally wear.


I know, it's true. It's like the cardinal rule of what NOT to do for any wedding. But, in my defense, the dress was no longer available in my size and I could either go up or I chose down. I am nothing if not optimistic, people.

The dress that I had ordered last week finally arrived and I didn't care for it so I had to start looking again. And I know there are literally thousands of black dresses out there but I just really love this one. It is one that will work for a wedding but I could also wear again. And how often can you say that about a bridesmaids dress? Practically never.

And besides, I have hips that were either created for child birth or Latin ballroom dancing so I need something that works with me, not against me.

Here is a picture of the dress:

With our black dresses, we are wearing red shoes for the wedding. I am going with a pair of my favorite shoes of all time:

I may even buy a fun clip to add to them, you know, just for a little Vegas flair.

So, there you have it. That is why I have not posted recipes and pictures of peanut butter caramel dipped in dark chocolate. I have a dress to fit into and I don't want it to make me look like a sausage. And I don't want all of my blood, sweat and tears to be for nothing. I can do that without the treadmill.


  1. You go, girl! You can absolutely do it! If I've learned nothing else about you since I started reading your blog, I've learned that you can do anything you want to do. You travel the world. You provide Christmas donuts. You recruit friends to write letters to lonely inmates. You are an insanely cool aunt, an awesomely supportive sister, loving daughter, and amazingly talented baker. You are going to rock that dress (and the shoes!). You're already gorgeous, so now you're just going to knock 'em dead (hopefully not actually dead, know what I mean)!

    1. Becky,
      You are so wonderfully encouraging! Thank you for your sweet and motivating words!! You rock. :)

  2. YOU will be in always make your goals. YOU work it girl! You're the inspiration...(80's rock ballad) Liquid Diet begins May 20th for me if I don't get to the gym. I'm praying for a little of your dedication, otherwise remember the white butter paper to fill in the back panel of my dress. :)

    1. Don't worry, Bride-to-be, you're going to look amazing. I'm just the sidekick, remember?

  3. Love it!


  4. Rock it sister! And if you need a workout buddy - holla! I would love to join you or have you join me :)

    1. Thanks, sista! I think you would kick my booty but it woudl be fun to learn a few new moves. :)