Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top Ten: Fall TV Shows

Holy cow, people. I cannot keep up with Hulu. After what seemed like an eternity without television (which is mostly due to the fact that my TV still has rabbit ears), I am now overwhelmed with all the new and returning shows this fall. There are LITERALLY not enough hours in the day to watch them all!

So, here are my top ten this week.  Feel free to chime in, I would love to hear your faves!

1. Modern Family. Phil Dunphy. Enough said.

2. Parenthood. This is one of the most brilliant shows on TV right now. The characters seem so real and the storyline is fun and interesting. And the acting is right on.

3. Parks and Recreation. Oh my word, this show makes me laugh. It is such a fun, quirky cast of characters. It's like 22 minutes of pure entertainment. It really should get more attention.

4. Free Agents. This is a new one that just came out and even though they have only aired three episodes, I am really loving the chemistry between the two main characters. They are fun and witty and refreshing. I would recommend watching it if you get the chance.

5. Castle. I love this show so much. It is fun and sassy and creative and he is just darn charming. Did you know that you can actually purchase Rick Castle books on iBooks? I KNOW!

6. Pan Am. I watched the pilot episode on Sunday and thought that it has some big potential. Hopefully they won't mess it up with crazy plot lines and cliche characters. But so far, I'm staying hopeful!

7. The Middle. This is another show that flies under the radar but it seriously funny! I just love how real they keep things, like duct taping the dishwasher shut when they want to run it. Their kids are so very, very weird but the dynamics of the family just work.

8. The Office. I have tentatively listed this one because although I have been an avid fan for many years, I am skeptical of how well this show is going to work without Michael Scott. With that being said, I am still loving our favorite office misfits, even Dwight.

9. Up All Night. What do you get when you combine Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph? Total awesomeness. It is just enough weird and different to be funny. Let's hope they keep it up!

10. College Football. This year is going to be amazing. Boomer Sooner, peeps!


  1. Modern Family is the greatest! I laughed out loud at least three times last night. The dog in the shower was HILARIOUS!

  2. Happy Endings is such a comedy jewel...I highly recommend! I'd ditto your top 3 as well. Modern Fam is the best show out there. I also love Amazing Race and reality tv in general :)

  3. Ok so Josh is very concerned about my TV watching in the last two weeks (it has gotten pretty ridiculous, but I'm sick every night so what else am I going to do). I looooove Parenthood. It's like my replacement for Friday Night Lights. You have got to watch The New Girl. I was crying laughing. Funniest show on tv right now. You would love it! I love The Middle. It's the only show on prime time that we say we would ever let our kids watch. I really liked the premiere of Hart of Dixie. Sounds a little cheese but has a Gilmore Girls feel to it. Although you didn't like Gilmore Girls. I liked Pan Am a lot too and I am ashamed to admit I watched the Playboy club and it is slightly addicting. I am also in love with the Sing Off right now. I love singing groups. Parks and Rec is way funnier than the Office now, which is too bad. I love Chris Pratt and whatever his tv wife's name is. They are hilarious.