About the FC

Hi! My name is Sarah, otherwise known as the Frustrated Cowgirl.

Don't you love my perm?

I began this blog in January 2010 as a way to keep all of my 42,310 cousins up to speed on my somewhat exciting, often routine, occasionally mind-blowing, very normal life. We are scattered from sea to shining sea but we are all connected to our Oklahoma roots. And it is because of these roots that I hope to one day wear cowboy boots on a regular basis.

Along the way, I have made a few friends. Blogs are crazy cool that way. So if you are new to the Frustrated Cowgirl, welcome! You will notice a few things, for instance:
I love to bake. And I really love to eat. Therefore, I have a very complicated relationship with my treadmill. I am always trying new recipes and sometimes I put the more successful ones on this blog.
I am now the proud (although scared) owner of my own business: Gourmet Girl to Go. It teaches in-home baking and cooking classes and provides dessert catering servies. It is so much work but I love every minute of it! If you want to know more, feel free to join me on Facebook!

When I am not covered in flour, my day job is in international development for a non-profit in Denver. I studied International Trade and Development in graduate school so most of my days consist of writing a lot of emails and sometimes going to amazing places in this big world.

I am the middle child. Can you tell?

I have an amazing family and much of our life is chronicled here. Our journey continues to be one of triumph and perseverance, trusting in the One knows much more than we do. 

And I am a huge fan of traveling, shoe shopping, photography, camping, college football, dark chocolate, family reunions, horseback riding and laying on the beach.
I really love Jesus.

Thanks for hanging out. You are totally my favorite!