Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Pull Off A Wedding in 10 Days - Day 7

Day 7 was a Monday so that meant back to work. Is it weird that I see going to work as a break from my current schedule?

Last night Claire, my mom and the wedding planner went to a cute little bakery called Azucar for a cake tasting. The bakery is owned by a Peruvian woman and my mom said she is an amazing baker. I think it is somewhat ironic that the one field trip I cannot go on happens to be the cake tasting, by a Peruvian baker, no less. But not to worry, I'll eat two pieces at the wedding. Claire and Carr decided upon a carrot and almond cake slathered in cream cheese frosting.

Um, yes please.

But last night, in preparation for the bridal shower dinner tonight, I made a Mexican Chocolate Ganache Tart with a cream cheese and butter crust. I was so tempted to take a spoon to it this morning but I refrained. But I am pretty sure it is taunting me right now.

Here are a few other random facts and events of which I am sure you are dying to know:
  • Thank you to all who have asked about Noah. He is doing great and should get his staples out on Saturday. Claire will always have her wedding pictures as a memory of that event. He is one tough kid!
  • After much ado and fanfare, here is my dress:

I love it and I can wear it again. Imagine that.
  • And here are my $29.00 shoes:

Simple, elegant and comfortable, a triple threat.
  • I am still looking for earrings. They need to be black/gold/cream or some such combination. Any ideas or suggestions? I am thinking I am going to visit Francesca's tomorrow to see what they have to offer. And hopefully I won't spend my entire paycheck at that store.
  • I bought a new brand of hairspray on Sunday. (I know this is riveting, but just go with it...) It has changed my world in the last 48 hours. Usually, because my hair is so heavy, hairspray doesn't even work for 5 minutes but this stuff works ALL DAY. Now I know my hair will hold on Friday. It is "Spray and Play" by Big Sexy and it is on sale right now at Ulta. I am thinking of buying stock in this company. 
  • The wedding is 3 days away. Amazing! How is Claire old enough to drive let alone get married?
  • God is a God of details. Just plan a wedding in 10 days and you'll see Him in action.
I'll be back tomorrow with highlights from the shower. I hope your day is wonderful!!


  1. Thank you for the dress picture. I think my dress that I got will be fine. So excited for the chocolate thingy you made for tonight.


  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that your dress is beautiful!

  3. You look DY-NO-MITE in that dress. And the one you are wearing today. Let's face it, you're just stunning. And the best MOH/seester a girl could ask for. I love you bunches.

    And I almost took a spoon to your ganache tart too. Almost.

    I love you.


    - The Seester

  4. Beautiful dress and love the shoes!! You'll be a knockout come Friday night, no doubt! Have fun partying it up tonight. Yay for chocolate ganache!

  5. You are gonna look so gorgeous in that dress and fab shoes! Woo Hoo!

  6. I love the dress and shoes - you will look fantastic :)

    Mandy <><