Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hunkering Down

If you live in the state of Colorado you know that the BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY is heading our way. Of course every major snow storm is known as the "blizzard of the century" because even our weather is based on viewer ratings.

If you were to look out my window, you would never know what is looming on the horizon:

But Mother Nature/El NiƱo/Normal Winter weather likes to play tricks on us.

At first, we were supposed to get 6-12" of snow. That is just enough to make rush hour a total nightmare and for you to be forced to wear your snow boots with your pencil skirt. Not my favorite.


Now we are scheduled to get 12-24" of snow by Friday afternoon. People, that is a significant difference! We're talking "I need to stock up on brownie mixes and hit Red Box and fill my tank up with gas" kind of difference. We're in full-blown "hunker down" mode around here...or at least I am, anyway.

And to be honest, I love to hunker down. There is something so exciting about it, especially if that involves me wearing my pajamas all day.

You can tell people are getting a little anxious. They are saying things like "I need to buy some flares in case I slide off the road" and "I need to go to Costco to buy a gallon-sized can of soup." It's serious business, this hunkering down.

So for now, on this deceptively warm, sunny February afternoon, we are all just waiting for this monster to roll into town. If it is the storm of the century, what will you do? Bake some cookies? Watch a movie or four? Read a good book? Ski out of your front door?

And for those of you who don't live in Colorado, feel free to hunker down with us anyway. Vicarious hunkering down totally counts.


  1. The news makes it seem like we won't be leaving our houses until sometime in August. Yikes!!!

  2. I love that word "hunkering." It rolls right off your tongue. I just want to say it over and over...hunkering, hunkering, hunkering. Actually, it turns into a tongue twister and is quite hard to say :)

  3. I'm thinking my snow day will include sleeping in, a nice big cup of coffee, a lazy PJ day, and getting a little grading done with maybe a nice warm beverage of course. (The grading not so fun but a necessity.)
    Enjoy your snowy day!

  4. The bonus at our house is I was already planning to hunker down today - my last Friday with just Sarah...sniff, sniff. We just get a lot of white stuff to look at now. We have big plans for PJs, playing and naps. Mike made us breakfast in bed and I will likely take in a chick flick when Sarah is down. Eating. A lot of eating will take place (I think this kid is going to come out as a giant). It's gonna be a good day!

  5. Totally hunkered down. After waking up at 4:15 and checking traffic reports (which were really confusing because the reporter would talk about how dangerous and difficult the roads were and then admit it was just a little slow-going for his drive), I started to see more accident reports and decided to go back to bed. Where I slept a total of 14 hours. I love me a good snow day!

  6. I worked the early morning shift-no problem-and then headed home to watch those four movies you mentioned! all tear-jerkers. it was a great Friday!