Friday, October 15, 2010

Horizontal and Mute

You guys are stupendous. Thanks for the spunk, the encouragement, the well wishes. You are the best friends an invalid could have!

Well, it's official: I have bronchitis. Darn it.

I am loaded up with enough pills and inhalers and syrups to cure half of China. Let's hope it works. For the next 36 hours, I plan on being as horizontal as possible with minimal talking, singing or hollering. And for those of you that know me, this may the HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO.

So, while I try to regain my speaking capabilities without coughing up a lung, what will you be up to?

Are you going to go to a pumpkin patch?

Are you going to bake something extraordinarily delicious? If so, my address is...

Are you going to watch some college football?

Paint your house?

Run a marathon?

Ride a horse?

Fly a plane?

Please tell me because I GUARANTEE it will be more thrilling than what I am doing. Let me live vicariously through you this weekend. Please.

Thank you and happy Friday.


  1. So glad you are all medicated now ;-) In the hopes that you will feel better soon, I dedicate this weekend's bedroom painting to you... That and watching the Sooners play on Sat. It IS in our DNA!

    I'll have to save plane flying for next weekend!

  2. I will be taking care of you with copious amounts of ice cream and Chuck and international trip planning. Because that is what Seesters do.

    Your Seester.

  3. I, too, will be celebrating and partaking in activities closely associated with the International Weekend of Bedroom Painting. And all things associated therewith which must preceed the event. You will know the color I've chosen when you next see me. I really get into my work.

  4. Get well soon. I miss you!

  5. Oh, Sarah Dell! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry you're sick, relieved you have a diagnosis, and hoping you stay horizontal so you can wow all the peeps next week.

    As for me, I'm in NY, on my way to seek some coffee, some pictures of fall color, and perhaps a high school friend. I'm not sure what the priority should be on all of that. Oh, and I have to figure out what I'm doing in Sunday School tomorrow.

    Oh---and in case I haven't said it before, you're an amazing aunt. Noah is blessed more than he can imagine.

  6. Sad day!! Esp when you are scheduled to be the star of the show the next few days!! Hopefully your horizontal mute activity will help you get better soon! And the drugs I'm sure will be helpful in the process as well!!

    I'm getting caught up on my DVR this weekend. Baked some chocolate chip cookies. Planned my menu for the next week. Going grocery shopping here in a bit if I can find the motivation to do so. Maybe sneak over to the other side of Target while I'm there and see what's up.

    Hopefully reading the words chocolate and Target spunked ya up a lil!

  7. I hope it's a speedy recovery Sarah! As for me, I'm hanging out with your boss, enjoying 1/2 a weekend with him -- lunch, movie, some shopping, and planning to watch some playoff baseball game.

    What's up with people at your organization wanting to work ALL DAY Sunday anyway!?!?! Again, hope you are ready for prime time tomorrow.

  8. I wish I would have read this blog sooner!
    I got married on said weekend, and you would have loved to live vicariously through that craziness!

    We missed you at the Denver party, but since you had bronchitis I'll let it slide.... :)