Monday, February 1, 2010

Commerce City

That's right, folks.  My new camera, the one I ordered to take on this trip so I can look like a pseudo-photo journalist, is in Commerce City.  For those who are not from Colorado, that means my camera is in the industrial pit of despair.

I kid. It is not a pit of despair...more like an ancient suburb of rust, train tracks and dark, scary alleys.

However, there is an upside to this: it is in Colorado!  And if worse comes to worse, I can spend my morning driving like a maniac across town until I track down the brown truck that holds my precious camera.

My precious, precious camera. My one, my own, my precious.

Tolkein would be so proud.

And on a related note, I must take a moment to say how much I appreciate and value EBAY. I adore ebay.  ADORE it. I found a humdinger of a deal on this camera, and if it ever arrives (hopefully before my flight tomorrow afternoon) I will gladly put it to work so you can see the sights of the Middle East.

So, if it comes to mind, please say a prayer that the man in short brown shorts will show up on my doorstep between now and 3:00 pm tomorrow. And hopefully after a 13 hour flight to Beirut, I will be fluent in the ways of SLR technology.

Whatever SLR means.


  1. Here's cheering on the man in the brown truck.
    I love your blog. - Anna -

  2. Short brown shorts.
    White socks.
    Comfy shoes.
    Just gotta like a fellow who wears comfy shoes. And brings you gifts you bought for yourself.
    - nadine strikes again.

  3. I love a man in short brown shorts!