Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rymer Tron 5000

He has come from the future to eat your candy.

He will also clean your lint trap if you ask him.

Just don't make him sneeze. It won't be pretty, folks.

But he does come in peace.

And will politely knock on your door if you have any leftovers from last night.

No one else in the neighborhood had a costume this cool. Even the nine year olds thought so.

Nice job, Rymer Tron. I hope the future is as awesome as you.


  1. I love it!!! That costume is awesome!!! I think it's the best one I saw yesterday and I saw quite a few throughout my day. ~ Cynthia

  2. Seriously, Sarah, you are funny! I love your opening captions with these pictures. :)
    That is one cool costume!

  3. That is an amazing costume! He looks so fierce yet kind.


  4. Awesome! Definitely a better product than the Rymer 4000 which is so last year.

    On a separate topic, what sort of freakish pumpkin is that on the right in the last picture? He's got quite the comb-over.

    The Wild Plum

  5. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. With an extra dose of Awesome. Way to Go NOAH RYMERTRON 5000

  6. The cutest RymerTron ever. I love that kid.

    The Seester