Monday, August 8, 2011

Galway: The Cool City by the Bay

The title is true, there is something very cool about Galway. When I came to this city ten years ago, it didn't stop raining for the three days. All I remember about our time here is having our laundry done and eating stir fry chicken in a small, dark pub.

However, there is much more to this city than torrential downpours. It is hip and trendy and youthful and fun. Even the locals are talking about the buzz in the air. There are lots of visitors here: some from the US, some from other parts of Europe, a few from North Africa and even the Irish are coming here for their holiday.

We are all just a fanny pack away from from this being the tourist capital of Ireland.

Katie and I left left Donegal early this morning and took the bus south to Galway. It rained the entire way and we both slept for most of the trip. We arrived into Galway just after noon and caught a city bus to our B&B. It is an amazing little place just a block from the bay and is owned by a sweet woman named Bridie (you know, just in case you were wondering). After we dropped off our stuff we went back to town where we had scones and tea and shopped. A lot. A lot a lot. I bought new wedge heels which makes so much sense for someone who is trying to travel light and is missing a bone in her right foot. But I just can't say no. I tried, really. But it was futile.

FUTILE, I tell you.

Later we walked along the beach and finally ended up a swanky hotel restaurant for dinner. Both of us were wearing work out clothes and flip flops and my hair looked like it had gotten caught in a blender, but it didn't matter, we were hungry. Like I could have eaten shrimp kind of hungry. (I loathe shrimp, by the way.) the food was great and no one asked us to leave.

Tomorrow we head to Connemara, which is supposed to be beautiful and tranquil and awesome. We are are having the tour bus pick us up at the front door. It's just how we roll.

Here are a few pics for you:

These pictures are straight out of my camera. I am sorry I didn't edit them but I just took an Ambien and I am racing against the clock.


  1. Rebekah keeps pointing at the pictures of Katie and saying "mama". She seriously won't stop saying it. I don't know what that means for Katie or me exactly but I'm flattered that she thinks we look alike.

  2. Beth and MikeAugust 09, 2011

    Thanks, Cowgirl, for these posts. And thanks Bob for linking to them. By the way, EVERYTHING about Katie is killer. And she doesn't have an accent--the rest of the world does. Katie, we hope to see many, many more pictures when you get back. Miss you.

  3. LOVE this tour of Ireland! You both look FABULOUS! And you are right - resisting shoes is futile. And you should always have tea and scones.

    Keep it up and enjoy the auld sod!


    - The Seester.

  4. I am SO enjoying this virtual tour - thanks for taking time to post about it! I would love to go there physically someday. You know, when I stop having kids and have 3 seconds to myself... ;-P

    Miss you!