Sunday, August 7, 2011


When I think of Ireland, this town almost always come to mind first.

Ten years ago my family and I spent some time in Ireland and one of our favorite towns was Donegal. This is the place that the O'Flahertys left Ireland and made their way west where they ran in the land run and homesteaded in northwest Oklahoma. Think Far and Away minus Tom Cruise.

We explored every nook and cranny of this town. We ate at the Blueberry Cafe for breakfast and lunch and then we would eat dinner at the Harbour Bar every evening. Mad Cow disease was literally all the rage at the time so we could only eat chicken and seafood. I ordered the biggest hamburger you have ever seen when I got home from that trip.

We also rode horses, played rounds of golf, hiked the largest cliffs in Europe and toured Donegal Bay. In my mind it has always been a fairly magical place.

So yesterday morning Katie and I left Dublin and traveled by bus through parts of Northern Ireland and what is known as the Middle Lands to arrive in the heart of a town that I fell in love with ten years ago. And I am happy to report that nothing has changed except my amazing coordination skills.

Believe it or not, I think I have improved.

Katie and I ate lunch at the Blueberry. And we had seafood chowder at the Harbour Bar for dinner. And it was better than I remembered. Plus we went to O'Donnells Bar which is the name of her mama's family. For all I know, Katie and I could be related. That would make her cousin 46,290.

Here are a few pictures of the town. Family, these are for you:

While I took this picture, Katie was taking a surfing lesson in the North Atlantic and I am pretty sure she totally rocked it.

It is almost tea time here and I would hate to miss an opportunity for cream and more cream. Greetings from Ireland and enjoy your Sunday...ours has been fairly great so far.


  1. Love these, Sarah! I miss that place and I miss you!!! Enjoy every scrumptious second!

    Love you!!


  2. Love that town. Thx for the pics! Noah Dad and I went camping last night at 11k feet...Noah is now an expert shot with the bb gun

  3. Just browsing the web and chanced upon your blog and I find you are writing about my hometown! Glad you liked it!

  4. Chad,
    Thank you for dropping by! Yes, your town is beautiful, one of my favorites in all of Ireland!

    Sarah (the Frustrated Cowgirl)