Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Katie

I am currently 32,000 feet in the air right now so I figured this would be a good time to introduce you to my friend Katie. She invited me to tag along with her on this trip and I am already so glad I did! She is uber cool.

So here are some things you might want to know about her:

She is Irish.

She loves seafood and is looking forward to hanging out with some fishermen.

She loves music, art, the ocean and skiing. And she likes hiking but let's not talk about that.

She also loves to watch and play tennis.

She loves surfing movies. She hopes to surf while we are in Donegal and she is trying to talk me into doing it with her. I can only imagine how terrible I would be at that.

She thinks that Michigan is the best state in the country. You should hear her fabulous accent.

She loves nice people. Obviously.

She makes me laugh all the time.

She has a killer sense of style.

She works at Social Security. And no she doesn't know if you will ever get yours.

She loves yellow in the summer and green all the time. And she thinks pink and purple are great too.

I have spent almost every Friday night with Katie for the past three years which is just enough time for her to know all of my that I fall into fountains and that I can live on peanut butter alone.

We both dislike cats.

See? We are perfect travel companions!

Okay peeps. Thats all for now. I need to go do some deep knee bends.


  1. Hi Katie! I don't like cats neither. Love you Sarah! Say 'allo to the Motherland, eat all the Irish stew you can handle, and kiss the Blarney stone (but keep your Wet Wipes handy).


    -The Seester

  2. Hi girls!! I hope you both have an absolutely fantastic time in Ireland!!! ~Cynthia

  3. Hey blogged from the airplane?! How cool is that?! AND on your fancy new iPad? How cool is that?!

    Wait...I sound like a Kardashian. You're totally presh.


    -The Seester