Friday, August 26, 2011

Fondue Should Be a Love Language

I am happy to report that I worked out hard yesterday. I cursed and moaned and panted and sweated but I came out on the other end victorious. And then I sat down for a very long time and wondered why my legs didn't work.

However, I am back on the right track and feeling good about the blood, sweat and tears that I left on my treadmill.

But then...

But then I went to the Melting Pot and ate my weight in cheese fondue.

But I have a good excuse: Abby and Natalie are turning 30 and nothing says "adios" to your 20's like four pots of bubbling cheese! The wait staff even brought us complimentary champagne. And it would be plain wrong to refuse anything that is free...especially in this economy.

And after the cheese course they brought out the flaming turtle chocolate fondue and the flaming peanut butter and chocolate fondue. Flaming chocolate is highly underrated but should only be handled by a professional.

Our professional's name was Chad. And I am pretty sure he had a great time serving seven women. We are a fun, if not extremely hungry, bunch, especially when you have three pregnant women in the mix!

I am pretty sure I can hear my treadmill mocking me from here, but I don't care. Life needs to be lived, birthdays need to be celebrated and things like pound cake and double fudge brownies need to be dipped into flaming chocolate.

Happy weekend, my friends!

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