Friday, August 5, 2011

Dublin in a Daze

We are here!

And we are doing great but just a little weary. So weary in fact that we got on the wrong bus heading the wrong direction. Thankfully the bus driver set us straight and laughed at us in a very charming Irish way. If it weren't for him we would be in Waterford by now.

However, our day was fabulous! When you only have 24 hours in a city you have to persevere, even if you have eaten 9 meals in the last 27 hours. Somehow I am craving a large salad and French toast right now. Gross, I know.

I have heard varying reports about Dublin. A few love it but most say skip it. However I am so glad we spent a day here! This city is fun and lively and packed full of history. We decided that the best use of our time was to buy an all-day bus pass that allowed you to hop on and off at all of the main attractions around the city. This was perfect because neither Katie nor I are able to put two words together let alone try to navigate an unfamiliar city.

And I am going to be honest with you: sometimes I don't think they are speaking English around here. Our waiter had to repeat himself three times and he still thinks we are from Alaska.

For lunch we stopped at a small Italian place (I know, that is weird) where I had a pizza and Katie had raw oysters. You have got give this girl two points for bravery for trying those suckers. They look like slime and every time she swallowed one she would gag. She is a culinary trooper, that one.

After the meal, I stuck my head into a big cup of hot coffee. I am pretty sure it seeped into my brain and for 15 minutes I was able to have rational thoughts. It was awesome.

We then hit some of the highlights like St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Guinness brewery, Trinity College, several parks and Christ Church Cathedral. And we saw a lot of people who look like us (i.e. pasty white, freckled and light eyes) and a few oddly dressed Europeans.

We finished the day with fish and chips and a Magnum bar. Umm...yes I would say that is perfect. Now we are headed to bed because we know that somewhere it is bedtime.


  1. Ooooh, Magnum. Sweet, sweet Magnum. Enjoy every second!!!!!

    Love you!

    - The Seester.

  2. Hi girls, Hope you two have caught up on your sleep. Post lots of pics, and have a great time!! Love you, Katie Mom

  3. Sounds like y'all have started off the trip fantastically!! Hope it continues to be a blast!! Oh, and I think you need to be sure to eat some Cadbury's chocolate while you're over there. :)