Friday, August 12, 2011

Drizzling in Dingle

There is something about being right near the ocean that calms my soul. And there is just something about Dingle that makes me want to buy a house and be the 2,501 resident. This place is breathtaking.

Katie and I left Killarney this morning just as it was starting to rain. And it rained during the entire hour-long bus ride and it rained when we arrived in Dingle and had to find our bags that were almost swimming in the luggage storage under the bus and it rained when Maggie, the owner of the beautiful Emlaugh Lodge Bed & Breakfast, picked us up and carried our sloshy selves back to her house right on the edge of the water. She is a keeper, that Maggie.

We waited out the rain for a while but then decided to face the drizzle and venture forth. We first found a small coffee shop were we ordered big bowls of soup and scones and tea, (otherwise known as the reason you will have to roll me on and off the plane on Sunday). The rain had then let up a bit so we walked by the fishing wharf just as a boat tour was about to set off. So we jumped on board and spent the next hour braving the huge swells in the sea, searching for the prized dolphin of Dingle named Fungi.

Who in the heck names a dolphin Fungi?

Apparently this dolphin lives in the bay and tolerates dozens of porpoise-seeking tourists on a daily basis. He was actually quite cute but the best views came from the surrounding coasts. There are now words for it, it is simply stunning.

And actually, there are no pictures for it either because I didn't bring my camera because of the rain. So the pictures you see are ones I stole from the Internet. No biggie. But I will tell you that these pictures don't do this place justice.

After the boat tour, we did a little shopping and ducked into the Chowder House for dinner where I had one of the best meals ever. (I seem to say this often...). We both finished off the meal with sticky toffee pudding and a brownie sundae and then attempted to walk it off by trying to stop in as many stores as possible before they closed. I totally worked up a sweat.

We finally finished the night with a stop at O'Flaherty's Bar. It is located a block from the harbor and looks like it has been there for centuries. I had a half pint of Guinness and toasted my grandpa, knowing he would have fit right into the place that bore his name.

We are now tucked in for the night. The wind is howling and the sea is raging just outside of our window. Tomorrow starts the Dingle Regatta, which boasts two days of races from sail boats around Ireland. I hope the weather cooperates! And I will also try to snap a few pictures so I am no longer plagiarizing other tourists who just happened to have a rain-free visit to Dingle.

But tomorrow also starts our epic journey back to Dublin where we will board a plane on Sunday to head home. I can't believe how fast this trip has gone!! But tomorrow we will see a huge part of this island as we head from Dingle to Killarney to Limerick to Dublin. There is nothing like a good dose of flat-butt to make you appreciate an hour on the treadmill.

Well almost.

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  1. To Grandpa. :)

    Love you, Seester.