Wednesday, August 18, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking. Literally.

These boots rank right up there with some of my favorite shoes of all time.

And that's saying something, folks.

Santa Clause brought them to me. I really love that guy.

They are the perfect color of red, thus, they go with anything.

Minus a cocktail dress.

Unless you are from Oklahoma.

And they are really, really comfortable. Especially to a girl who is shy a bone in her right foot. However, I don't like to tell many people that so I try to keep that a secret.

They come in many colors. Even pink. Perhaps even leopard print. I dare you to wear leopard print cowgirl boots on a cattle ranch. Go on, I dare you.

They also come on and off very easily, which is a minor miracle for cowgirl boots. Hernias have happened over taking off other pairs.

You should run out a get a pair. Or ask Santa Clause. Because you never know when you are going to need a pair of cowgirl boots.

Especially if you are waiting on a cowboy.


  1. Every girl needs a pair of red cowgirl boots in her wardrobe, just like she needs a LBD, pearls, and some really fierce red lipstick.

  2. Yes. I want.

  3. To think: you could have had that bone. And earned a buck.

    (love the boots)

  4. oooo, those are fancy!!!!! love them!

  5. Let's take a pic. of my black ones with your red ones.