Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Girls and Yogurtland

I have a fabulous friend named Sara. And it just so happens that Sara and I have many, many things in common.

For instance, we share a name. Obviously.

Also, she is Irish. So Irish, in fact, that her dad is from Ireland. It doesn't get more Irish than that.

Sara also loves OU football. I mean REALLY loves it. Like she was Sooner born and Sooner bred. Maybe we are related. I can always use another cousin.

Sara and I also go to the same church, which makes it fun because we often get confused for each other.

Sara has freckles, green eyes, and the same inability to tan like I do.

And if that weren't enough, her dad is my boss. Yep, the same one whom I requested that you write letters to. Hey, how is that going by the way?

There are many more things to list, including our love for Target, Gap, cookies, funky jewelry and fabulous shoes. But we now share a new item in common: our love for Yogurtland.

Oh people. Yogurtland is one of my new favorite places. It's a virtual smorgasbord of frozen delights all waiting to be plucked and poured and scooped and served by your very own hands. You are the master of your own yogurt destiny.

The lines are often long. But don't let that scare you.

They move fast because let's face it, people want their yogurt.

Especially high schoolers. Apparently this is the place to be. I am so glad I finally fit in.

Here is Sara. And do you know what she is holding? I call them yogurt shots. You can grab as many as you want and try every flavor available. It could be my most favorite invention. That and Spanx. I love how they compliment each other.

So, you start with a cup. Any size you want. Remember, this is freedom personified.

And you pick your flavor or flavors. Whatever floats your boat.

When I saw the "Peanut Butter" sign, I almost asked if I could move in and pay rent.

How did they know that Ghiradelli chocolate is one of my most favorite food groups?


Um, yes please.

And just when you think it can't get any better, you find yourself standing in front of an endless amount of toppings.

There are no words.

Here is Sara's creation. It is a work of art.

And here is mine. I am not going to lie, I kinda want to lick the screen right now.

Once you finish your yogurt utopia, you put it on a scale and pay this guy:

His name is Jake. And when he asked me why I had a camera with me, I told him that I like to blog about food and new places around town to eat.

And then he asked me if anyone read my blog. And I told him that a couple people did.

Then he laughed at me and posed for my picture.

Punk head.

However, I did not let some high school boy ruin my day because I know that I have the best readers in all the world...all four of you!

So grab a friend and head to Yogurtland! And be sure to give Jake my regards.


  1. Love your blog for so many reasons! Makes me want to come to CO and hang out with you, your sis, and Sara at Yogurtland. I think we could have good, good times there!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you for yesterday's blog and the mental picture of you retrieving the bank canister from under your car! ;-)

  2. There's so many more than four of us! And I actually did lick my screen. Is that weird?

    Kel, come on up! :)


    Your Seester.

  3. Ooooooo best blog post ever...and not because I'm in it. But rather, because Yogurtland is. Oh gosh, I am drooling all over my keyboard. MUST. FIND. EXCUSE. TO. GO. TO. YOGURTLAND.

    I think YL will be my coping mechanism for OU football's "rebuilding" year. Sniff Sniff, please pass the unlimited toppings.

    I am glad we are friends, Sarah. You are one great gal! :)

  4. I was there yesterday! Did you try the coconut chocolate truffle . . . oh. my. *sigh*

    Love you more than yogurtland . . . and Sara, too!

  5. Sarah, you look beautiful in the last picture! :) Love it!

  6. Mmm...YOGURTLAND! And did you notice that the Chocolate and Coconut are Nonfat?

    ...and look, you have at least 6 readers!

  7. Where is this place??? Must try NOW!!!

  8. Sammie - University and Dry Creek - right across the street from Arapahoe HS - same parking lot as the Chipotle. :)