Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Is it wrong that I like to watch Gossip Girl with my sister late into the night, talking about all the things we love about Chuck Bass?

Is it wrong that I literally want to suck the cheeks off of every cute baby out there?

Is it wrong to live in Colorado but not like to hike? Or ski? Or be all out-doorsy and talk about how much I love nature?

Is it wrong that I like to get up in the morning, take a shower, and then crawl back into bed knowing that I could use those minutes to be more presentable and awake when I arrive to work?

Is it wrong that I secretly hope I could be Carol Burnett and have my own variety show?

Is it wrong to balance a Snickers with a Diet Coke? Dont' they equal out?

Is it wrong to not want to get my oil changed because I don't want to hear about which filter needs to be replaced and what whiz-bang needs changing and how many lug nuts I am missing?

Is it wrong to want to be an international food critic without gaining weight or experiencing jet lag?

Is it wrong that I still wish I could be a goonie?

Is it wrong to want to keep the tags on a dress so you can return it later after you have worn it?  Actually yes, yes that is wrong.

Is it wrong to only want to eat cookie dough and not make cookies?

Is it wrong to want to go on a hot date just so I can wear my new high heels?

These are the many things that are on my mind, people. Don't be overwhelmed by my profoundness.


  1. No, no that is NOT wrong at all! In fact, the world needs more Chuck Bass.

  2. I'm actually avoiding an oil change for the exact same reasons. That, and I hate being without transportation.

    And there is never anything wrong with eating all the cookie dough without making a single cookie. NEVER.

  3. mmm is it wrong i agreed with most of this post?