Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am renting this kid.

I am renting.him and taking him to the zoo so I fit in with all of the other parents who have their kids on leashes.

That's not weird, is it? I mean the leashes part is a little weird, but not renting, right?

I promise I'll take good care of him. I won't let him pet the lions or swim with the sharks.

I'll even feed him.

Even cotton-candy covered ice cream with goldfish crackers on top. Or whatever is the rage among five year-olds these days.

I am hoping his parents say yes. It's not a done deal yet. Perhaps if I show up in a minivan that will make them think I can handle it. Cross your fingers.

And if it all goes well, I may be looking for other kids to rent. So get your leashes ready.


  1. He totally looks like you in picture two. Love it! Have fun at the zoo!

  2. I love this kid. Love love love love love him.

  3. that kid is cuuuuuuuuuute. :)

  4. I so hope you can rent him! I would love to meet him in person :)

    Mandy <><