Monday, April 5, 2010

Let the Bun Busting Begin!

For the next few weeks, I am laying the SMACK DOWN people!

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of a 12-week challenge: my office, and others who work for us around the world, are embarking upon an international fitness competition, created to slap you around and get you into shape. Work-outs and pounds lost all equal certain point values and the team of four with the most points, wins.

The teams were chosen at random. I have a teammate in Turkey, one in Lebanon and the other in Tunisia. Pretty sweet, right? And with me in the home office, we are determined to dominate. DOMINATE, I tell you!

Besides, I am in a perfect location to sabotage my competitors. Did I hear someone say Oreo Balls?

Yes, the gloves are off people. It is time to bust some buns, hit the pavement and sweat with the best of them.

So, if you see me on the side of the road, doubled-over and wheezing, do not stop and pull over. Do not roll down your window and offer sympathy. I do not need your pity. I may need CPR, but not your pity. Instead, bust out some "Chariots of Fire" and scream some motivational words my direction.

With your help, office sabotage and a minor miracle, I may get this 30-year old body into shape!


  1. Sarah:
    And.... vanilla flavored coffee creamer is a downfall for at least one of your office mates. I have no vices, I tell ya, so bring in all the Oreo Balls and Chocolate you want to. Ron will need it since he's in the same office with people who ARE doing the challenge.

  2. you go girl!!!! i plan on staring at the pictures of that chocolate cake you posted about as i eat my veggies instead of chocolate! sigh....we shall see if it will work in tricking me into thinking i'm eating something tasty... :)

  3. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah... you made the decision to lay the smack down BEFORE YOU COME HERE???? Good luck with that....