Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fare Share or Bust

Let it be known that I detest the word "potluck." It conjures up images of rubber chicken, unidentifiable jello salad and casseroles with multiple cans of cream of mushroom soup.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love other people's cooking! LOVE. IT. And I am fond of a jello salad every now and then. But there is just something about the word "potluck" that makes me gag. So when my colleagues in the office suggested that I begin a monthly potluck, I screamed at them and ran away.

Just kidding. I said, "Hmmm...that sounds like it has some potential but it must be renamed before I will ever participate."

I love how mature I am.

Anyway, after hours of searching the thesaurus, various culinary websites, and staring blankly at my wall, I deemed our monthly grub fests "Fare Share." And for the past 13 months, it has been a smashing success!

Each month we pick a theme, and some of those have included Christmas in July, the Mexican Fiesta, Chili Cook-Off and Waffles for Lunch. Seriously, my cohorts are amazing cooks and the dishes just keep getting better.

And what's even cooler about this monthly lunch is that it is open to anyone who can drop in: Associates who are visiting Colorado, family members who are free for lunch, random strangers who are walking by the building, you name it!

Actually, we do have guests often and we spend an hour catching up, playing games and eating until we have to be rolled back to our offices. I love Fare Share days.

So, I bet you can't guess what tomorrow is? It's our April Fare Share! And it is also Wednesday in case some of you are chronologically challenged. But since most of us are participating in the STUPID INTERNATIONAL FITNESS CHALLENGE OF DEATH, we decided to choose a healthy theme: Wraps-o-Fun! That's right, we are all bringing in healthy, delicious ingredients to roll up in a tortilla. It should be tasty.

However, there is no possible way I can attend a Fare Share without a dessert. I am pretty sure it would be a sin. So, I came up with a dessert that is both healthy and completely delicious. It is actually sitting in my refrigerator at this very moment and I have literally strapped myself to this chair so I don't run in there and attack it with a ladle.  And, fortunately for you, this will be our recipe for the week. 

Do you want a sneak peak? Sure you do!

Here it is and I call it: The Heavenly Lemon-Berry Trifle

And that, my friends, is good enough to eat.

May your Wednesday be full of delicious food, fabulous friends and a big, honkin' ladle for the recipe to come!


  1. oooo yummy. you should take pics of everyone's creations! AND this summer, i'm sooooo coming. for reals. i know i say that every month. ha!

  2. I completely concur with the potluck word. Entymologically, it's a pot of luck. Not what I want to be eating.

    And the HL-BT looks DE-VINE!

    And you're HIGH-LARIOUS.



  3. You are one of the funniest people in blog world! I'm always giggling when I read your thoughts. :)

  4. I like the renaming. And I'm very tempted to run over to your office for some of the trifle goodness in the next half hour or so . . .

  5. Another vote that the renaming is a wonderful idea! Love the posts!! They just keep getting better - and I can totally see you strapped to your chair... I would be, too!