Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brainiacs Wanted

Welcome to the totally random, hump-day Trivia Questions-o-Fun!

Here are the rules:
1. The first person to get all the correct answers, wins!

2. Instead of writing your answers in the "comments" section, please email This will cut down on the big, lurking cheaters out there who are waiting for random trivia games from wannabe cowgirls.

3. Best of luck.

4. That's it.

Are you ready?

Are you feeling it?

Are your neurons firing?

Here we go...

Question #1:  What season of American Idol is currently underway?

Question #2:  What is a "Sooner" as in the University of Oklahoma Sooners?

Question #3:  What is the name of the volcano that just erupted in Iceland and has caused mass chaos for the travel industry?

Question #4:  What was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater and where was it filmed? (Need a hint? Check this out)

Question #5:  Who fought in the War of 1812?

Question #6:  What is the Spanish word for "butterfly"?

Question #7:  Name the three countries I traveled to in order.

Question #8:  And just for fun, if you could travel anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW, where would you go?

Good luck, folks!! And remember, there will be one humdinger of a prize for the soon as I figure out what "humdinger" means.

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