Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Unsolved Mystery

Can anyone tell me why there are seagulls in Denver?

Are they lost?

Are they rebelling against nature?

Are they brain damaged?

Am I losing my mind?

Does anyone care?

I have no idea.

Apparently this is making me anxious. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and good day.


  1. They are extras in the remake of "The Birds." :)

    Hang in there, seester.

  2. The sea gulls have migrated to the top of the heap of scavenger birds. Not unlike rats, they hang around garbage dumps a/k/a landfills. You also find them hanging around fast food restaurants. So, they should be called "See Gulls" because when they see food they eat it. Hah.

  3. very valid question. i'd like to know as well!

  4. I keep looking for the ocean but I can't seem to find it anywhere nearby. Darn, as I would love to lay out and work on my tan! Ha ha!

  5. Silly girl, it's just an elaborate April Fool's joke I am playing on you! Gotcha!!!