Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Few Favorites

I am drawing a blank at what I should write about tonight. Between a dinner consisting of only oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and an hour on the treadmill, I am at a loss.

Perhaps it is because I am in a diabetic coma.

Regardless, here are a few of my favorite things just to give you a deeper insight into my weird, wacky world. (Cue Julie Andrews).

1. Oklahoma on the 4th of July. I wish you all could experience this with me. It is so unique, so wonderful, so familiar that there isn't any other place I would want to be.  I love everything about it: swimming in an artesian beach, homemade ice cream, near death experiences with family fireworks, sitting in the back of my grandpa's pick-up to watch the local fireman shoot explosives across the world's tiniest lake, and every single one of my family members, all 136 of them. I love it all.

2. The Goonies. This was the first movie I ever saw in the movie theater and I love it so much that it has consistently been in my top 5 movies ever since. I love the adventure, the suspense, the dorky '80's clothing, the ocean, the cool rocks in the ocean, the waterslide, the pirates and the wicked cool pirate ship sailing off into the sunset. I really want to go to Astoria, Oregon where it was filmed. And yes, I may even do the Truffle Shuffle.

3. Noah. Ugh. That kid just makes me melt.

4. Blue. I love blue. I love cobalt, periwinkle, sky blue, baby blue and navy. I also adore turquoise. I just read an article that every girl needs a pair of turquoise earrings. I see that as permission to shop.

5.  The Office. It is so awkward, so incredibly awkward and squirmy. Oh but the humor is so spot on.  I would love to be an extra on that show. LOVE IT. I can be awkward.  Shoot, just watch me try to flirt. That is awkward, people.

6. Dressing Up. I have been known to dress up in my prom dresses way into my mid-20's and then go sit on the couch and watch TV. I would be perfectly happy if I could attend a gala every evening where I got to wear amazing ball gowns and have someone fix my hair. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

7. Airports. Oh, the options are limitless! The world is merely a ticket away! All you need is a passport. And some money. And a neck pillow. And a secret stash of snacks. And a breath mint in case you sit next to the person of your dreams. SIDE NOTE: after 16,589 flights, this has yet to happen. But don't worry, I am persistent.

8. Salsa Dancing. I cannot describe to you how much I love to salsa dance. I can't sit still when I hear Latin music. Sometimes I even think that I am part-Latin. You know, like a wanna-be cowgirl Irish-Latin salsa dancer. We are kind of a rare breed.

9. Camping. I love the smells, the early mornings, the late nights around the campfire, the feeling that you are in survival mode and you must eat trail mix and lots of bacon just to make it out alive. I love that you can just pack up your car and know, for the seven weeks during the year that is actually warm enough to do it.

10. Breakfast. This is my favorite meal of the day. There are so many options...waffles, scones, bacon, omelets, muffins, sausage and biscuits, oatmeal, fruit, cereal and pancakes. Okay, now I am hungry. Apparently the cookies are wearing off. Who knew that sugar wears off after a few hours?

So these are just a few of mine. I hope your day is full of your favorite things.


  1. Thanks, Sara. When in doubt, just talk about the things that make you happy. :)

  2. I like this Sarah. And I like that you like these things! Oh the simple pleasures of our lives -- SIGH! I'm with ya on breakfast, airports, and the Office and how one of great the ironies of life is how eating cookies for dinner and hitting the treadmill makes all the sense in the world to some of us! Good luck with the IDEAS physical challenge! I have been a slacker this week. Thankfully, Leah is sabotaging Vern and Ron with her fabulous cooking this week. Did you see the photo of her apple-pear galette on FB? Hey, here's an idea - how about an IDEAS Foodies Challenge? Would be so much more fun!

  3. Sarah, that anon post above is me, Shelley, by the way.

  4. I'm really disappointed that you didn't put that amazing bed that we slept in in Tennessee as one of your favorite things. Its on my list for sure.