Friday, March 26, 2010

Recipe Round-Up: Oreo Balls

What I am about to share with you could very well rock your world.

I was first introduced to these little nuggets of culinary nirvana by my friend Karen. She brought them to our Bible study one evening and I proceeded to eat 37 of them. I don't think anyone noticed.

And now, now it is time to share them with the world (read: all four of you)!!

Here is what you need:

Almond bark, Oreos and cream cheese. Just that simple.
Side note: I buy store brands for everything because I work for a non-profit.

The Leaning Tower of All Things Good and Perfect.

Throw the entire package of cookies into a baggie. Or if you have a food processor, use it. You'll save a lot of time and perhaps a torn rotator cuff on your shoulder. I do not have one so therefore I will be wearing a sling tomorrow.

Whack them with a mallet, roll them with a rolling pin, or stomp on them with your cowboy boots. Take your pick. If they look like this, keep stomping.

Now we're getting there. If you still have lumps, no worries, the cream cheese will break them down. But overall, you want them to be ground pretty fine.

 Unwrap softened cream cheese and put it in a bowl.
There isn't a recipe around that cannot be enhanced with cream cheese.
Side note: I am making a double recipe, hence the two blocks of cream cheese.

Throw the crushed-up cookies on top of the cream cheese and go to town. I use my hands, people. It just works better for me.
Side note: But it is also because I do not have the 90th Anniversary Kitchen Aid Mixer in candy apple red. I am still waiting for it to magically appear on my counter one day, making all of my baking dreams come true.

Now, don't be scared. That is epicurean magic right there, folks. How can Oreo cookies and cream cheese get any better??  Oh, it can...and I will show you.

Line a baking sheet with wax paper and start rolling. Make them any size you want, I don't care. You are a free person. Now, pop them in the fridge for 20 minutes. And feel free to sample.

Next: Bust out the Almond Bark.
Side note: Notice the lighting change? The sun went down. Go figure.

Put about half the package in a pan over low heat and let it get melty.
Side note: Mmmmm...

That's what you are looking for: perfectly melted.

Now comes the dipping.
Using a spoon, whirl the little bugger around until it is perfectly coated. I do them one at a time so they don't fall apart in the chocolate.

Oh, such unbridled happiness going on right here.

Lots and lots of happiness.

This should hold me over for the evening.
Put them back in the fridge for 20 minutes so they set.

Now, eat them. Eat them with wild abandon.

I dare you to eat less than 10. I DARE YOU.

The beauty of this recipe is that are countless variations. For instance, I have tried:

  • Mint Oreos = spectacular

  • Nutter Butters = perfection

  • Double Stuffed Oreos = doubly delicious
You can go on and on and on...

So get out there, America! See how you can expand those waistlines and loosen those belts with just three simple ingredients!

Here are the details:
1 package of Oreo cookies
1 package of cream cheese, softened
1 package of Almond Bark

Crush (grind, stomp, roll) Oreos and combine with softened cream cheese. Roll dough into balls and place on wax paper-lined cookie sheet. Put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to harden. Meanwhile, slowly melt 1/2 package of Almond Bark in a pan over low heat. Using a spoon, dip cooled Oreo balls into the Almond Bark one at a time, cover completely, and return to lined cookie sheet. Repeat until all oreo balls are covered. Add more Almond Bark if needed.  Return to the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Inhale them.

And you're welcome.


  1. Oooooooo these things are DELISH. Mint Oreos - well why haven't I ever thought of that?! YUM. I cannot wait for Easter to be here so I can eat a whole batch of them. I'm officially drooling.

    You officially need to be my personal chef. :)

  2. Laura CraneMarch 26, 2010

    Hey Sarah! Such a wonderful recipe that every girl should have in her repertoire! I've also had them dipped in white chocolate which is delish as well.

    Loving your blog sweet friend! Hope you are well!

  3. (Unable to post a complete comment due to excessive drooling....)


  4. ps: you need a kitchenaid and food processor. let's scheme how you can get both of those added to your kitchen. :)

  5. YUM! I love Oreo balls! I've never thought to use something other than oreos (like Nutter Butters).

  6. Yeah!! Good stuff. Love your photos.