Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Brain

My brain feels like a big bowl of oatmeal today. The old fashioned kind, not the swanky instant kind. I am completely void of all swank today. So a list is definitely in order. It's the only way anything will make sense.

1. My hair is very poofy for some reason. VERY. I look like I invested in Aqua Net or something.

2. I got my new passport in the mail. I have a love/hate relationship with it already. I love it because it gives me freedom to explore new places and return to some of my favorites. I hate it because I have to memorize a new number and I don't have all the cool stamps I used to. Plus, my face looks orange. I have never been orange a day in my life. I am usually fairly pasty.

3. I went to the D Bar with my good friend Sara on Friday.

It was amazing. If you live in Denver, you should definitely go. We got to sit at the bar and watch the pastry chef work his magic. He truly is an artist. We both ordered baked mac and cheese (Sara got hers with lobster!) and then we both had various forms of chocolate for dessert.

Exhibit A:  Cake and shake

Exhibit B: Salted caramel boat of chocolate goodness and some other yummy things.

4. I did at least 50 lunges, along with 30 dead lifts and 25 split squats on Saturday and I can barely move anything below my waist.  My quads scream at me anytime I think about moving. And heaven forbid I drop anything. I am thinking it will just have to stay there and I'll come back on Wednesday when my muscles don't feel like slabs of marble.

5. I am wearing a blazer today. I love blazers. They solve most fashion problems. Don't you agree? Maybe not? I don't know.

6. Is it March yet? It should be.

7.  My dad's hearing is one week from today. I know so many of you are praying. You rock. And thank you.

8. I did not get out of my pajamas yesterday. Total bliss.

And...that's all I've got. I hope your Monday brain is more of the instant kind of oatmeal.


  1. I'm still thinking about that salted caramel. And that shake. And cake. And mac and cheese. It was so good!! :)

  2. Seriously!! It was all so so good!