Monday, February 6, 2012

Circular Rings of Heavenly Goodness

So, pretend I posted this on Sunday. As I mentioned before, chaos was running amuck over the weekend and I couldn't get my blog to publish new and exciting material.

It's like there is a conspiracy against me or something.

Yesterday, my mom and I headed to the large metropolis that is known as Alamosa to hang out with my dad and to see how the greeters at Walmart were doing. All are well, just in case you are wondering.

However, before we headed south, we made a quick stop at Krispy Kreme, a.k.a. the Make of Circular Rings of Heavenly Goodness. To be honest, I never eat donuts. I just don't think about them too much. But we knew this would be a great treat to bring my dad and so instead of ordering two for him, we decided that a dozen seemed more reasonable. I mean, who doesn't need to eat fried dough drenched in sugar for an eight-hour car ride?


Don't judge, people.

Resistance is futile when your car smells like warm heaven and you've got nothing but snow and asphalt stretched out in front of you. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. There are few things in this life quite as wonderful as fried, sugary bread rings with a hot cup of coffee.

And yes, we did leave a few for my dad.


  1. Carr and I looked at this last night. And we both said "Donuts" with a gleam in our eyes. Which makes us sound like twins instead of husband and wife. Which just sounds weird. And now I feel awkward.

    What I meant to say is Carr and I like donuts. And being married. And Psych.

    And you.

    Not weirdly or awkwardly at all.

    Good grief.

    Over and out.

    - The Seester

  2. Can't think of much to say other than I would like a glazed donut delivered to my desk please. And thank you. :)