Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day

Leap day has always been a fun, weird phenomenon to me. Doesn't it just amaze you that every four years we actually have an extra day? A whole 24 hours of time that just happens to appear on our calendar. All of those times we long, beg, plead for a few more minutes in our day and never get it. Well here it is. On a Wednesday. In February. In the middle of winter.


So, what are you going to do on this extra day of fun?

I'll tell you what my Ferris Bueller of a brother is doing: he is soaking up the sun in California. Apparently he is on a "work trip."

Yeah right.

And in the meantime, I had a slumber party with his adorable offspring at my mom's house. It just seemed like the thing to do on a Tuesday night. Pizza was involved, naturally. And so were nine of his favorite stuffed animals. NINE. And I know all of their names: Herder, Honey, Dup the Pup (my personal fave), Cucumber, Shadow, Aurora, Clifford (on loan from school), Brownie and Foxy.

Apparently I need a social life.

Help me.

Regardless of the nine extra guests, waking up to see Noah's face was pretty awesome. That rarely happens in my world. And he even shared his bacon with me. How can this not be a good day?

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  1. Unfortunately my employer does not share your view that Leap Day is an "extra day of fun." So I'm spending my day supposedly creating value for our shareholders.

    The WP