Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heels to Kill

Listen up, chicas!

This post is just for girls...which really won't hurt my readership much because the only guy who reads this is my dad, and maybe a very bored guy friend of mine.

Regardless...ladies, this is for you because I have dedicated this post to SHOES!

I love shoes. I LOVE SHOES.

I base my day's outfit around shoes. Part of that is because I hobbled around on crutches for five months and am a bone shy in my right foot. But that's kinda weird and there is no need to rehash that very limiting time in my life. 

Mostly, I just love the variety they offer to any wardrobe. Truly, the options are endless. And, it doesn't matter if you gained the Freshman 15 or if your motto is "Hey, I'm 30 and I love carbs," because nine times out of ten, your shoes will always fit no matter what you ate the night before.

So recently I fell in love. I fell in love with the fiercest, most fabulous, gravity-defying shoes I have ever owned. Take a peek...

I love them.
Side note: pay no attention to the price tag that won't come off the bottom.

They make me smile.

They make jeans look good...

They make skirts look good...

They make your butt look good.

Run. Run as fast as you can and buy a pair of red heels. Trust me, you won't be sorry.

So ladies, what's your current favorite pair of shoes? Are they your fuzzy sleepers? Black slingbacks? Flip flops? Strappy gladiators? Let me hear it. 

And tell me where you bought them because I may need to take a little trip on my lunch break...


  1. Fuzzy slippers definitely. That my seester bought for me. Also a pair of fabulous green Puma sneakers that I got for free on a gift card. AND a FANTASTIC pair of peep-toe leapord print shoes that I got for my birthday. FIERCE!

    I heart shoes.

  2. Just WOW! My first thought was that those shoes would also go perfectly with a candy apple red KitchenAid mixer. You haven't sold out for a pair of red shoes, have you? Oh, and do you remember the story about the Little Red Dancing Shoes? I can hardly wait to see your RED SHOES, by gum.

  3. ooo this is a super fun post!!! my favorite pair of shoes right now are a pair of gladiator sandals i got from nordstrom's. they make my ankles look skinny! i also love my cowboy boots more than a lot of things in life. :)