Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Couple Things...

So, let's chat.

I have been marinating on something for a few weeks and I feel like it is time to share it with all of you.

Since I began my blog oh-so long ago (you know, the end of January), several of you have mentioned that there are a few similarities between the Pioneer Woman and myself.

First of all, thanks! She's pretty cool and I myself am a follower of her hilarious posts, fabulous recipes and daily musings of life on a ranch. And like me, she is an Okie, a shoe lover and a devoted slave to the kitchen and all things delicious. On top of that, she has won over her cowboy and is raising a bucket of kiddos.

Yeah, she isn't a frustrated cowgirl...she really is a cowgirl!

However, even though I live in the city and not on a ranch, and I have yet to write a cookbook or ride off into the sunset with a man in a Stetson, I am 100% convinced that there are more than just a handful of pioneer women out there. I know this because I come from a fine stock of pioneer women, women who have taught me how to cook, ride a horse, sew on a button, strap on a diaper and eat homemade ice cream by the bowl-full.

And they are some of the funniest women you have ever met.

Let me tell you about them:

I had two amazing grandmothers. They survived the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression and raising nine children between the two of them.

My Grandma R. survived the death of her first husband and the imprisonment of her second husband within the same war. She also made the most amazing pound cake and gumbo in the world...IN THE WORLD, people!

My Grandma F. worked countless hours as a nurse and still had time to make Easter dresses for her daughters, and later her granddaughters, all the while feeding us Tang and chocolate-covered graham crackers. You can't beat that combo.

I have seven aunts.  SEVEN. They are wives, mothers, grandmothers, nurses, professionals, bakers, sewers, guitar-players, hair dressers and teachers. And they all hail from Oklahoma, each one of them. They are amazing.

I have a plethora of female cousins. They make me laugh until I cry, teach me about grace and humility, and they eat cookie dough out of the bowl with me. I am more tempted than you know to relocate just so I can be closer to them...I love them that much.

I have a sister who is smarter than anyone I know...except for maybe my dad (apparently I missed that gene). She is funny, sweet, kind, unconventional and is constantly giving all of herself to those she loves. I aspire to be more like her.

And I have a mom who has set the most phenomenal example of what a woman, mother, grandmother and friend should be. Her independent streak has given me courage to travel the world and her love for her family only encourages my desire to have one of my own someday. She even homeschooled my brother, sister and I for three years. She deserves a medal. I don't know where I would be without her.

So by default, you could say that I am a pioneer woman! A very thankful, humbled, stumbling pioneer woman, who often feels old for her years yet far too young to be 30.

And I have a feeling that the women who read this blog are pioneer women as well.

So no matter where you live or what you do for a living, here's to being fearless and brave! You never know who you will influence. There's a pretty good chance you will show up in a blog someday.

I'm just glad we don't have to wear bonnets anymore.


Okay, so here is the second thing I want to discuss:

It's time for Trivia Question #2!!

That's right, I am loading up the laptop, the new-fangled camera and throwing all I own into a carry-on and hitting the road (or air) tomorrow morning for California!  It's a girls trip with my mom and sis and we are off to visit one of those amazing aunts of mine.

So while I am away, I will continue to blog about the various what-nots and tid bits of my daily goings-on, but I will be posting a question for all of you to ponder. I will post it on Friday, so make sure you take a lap, do some stretches or whatever it is you need to do to get your game face on.

And for the winner, I will bring back a fabulous treat or trinket from sunny California!

So stay tuned could be your lucky day!


  1. Thanks for always making me smile... love your thoughts... makes me want to go for a ride (wink, wink!). Love you, miss you... have a great time and tell everyone hi!


  2. Awww, this post was really sweet! Y'all are an awesome bunch! Hope you have a fab time in CA!