Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help Wanted for the Musically Impaired

I have a confession: I am not super hip when it comes to following the latest trends in music.

Sure, I love John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson (wow, there are a lot of "J" names out there!), not to mention my all time favorite: Dave Matthews.

I can get jiggy with it to Lady Gaga, Pink and Beyonce.

I have been known to salsa and meringue to the world's finest Latin bands.

I can even mellow out to James Taylor, Carol King and Norah Jones.

And in sixth grade, I fell in love with Metallica. Go figure.

But as far as staying current and relevant, I struggle. Even my four-year old nephew is cooler than I am. He listens to stuff on YouTube and then recreates it on his drum set. And makes up words.  That kid is a genius! And he probably thinks his aunt is like 80 years old because half the time I have never even heard of those bands, songs or YouTube for that matter.

Just kidding...on the YouTube part anyway.

You see, it all stems from the constant delimma I have when I get in the car or hang out at my house: what do I listen to?

Do I listen to country? Pop? Blue Grass?

Do I listen to a CD? My iPod? Or the radio?

Do I listen to talk radio, just to stay current on all the dysfunctional goings-on on our planet?

Or should I sit in silence? Yeah right.

There are too many options. And since I like a wide variety of stuff, I can never choose. And because of that indecision, I am quickly falling behind the times, withering away into an outdated oblivion.

So, I am asking for your help.  Please, oh please, tell me about your favorite music.  Let me have it. Tell me the song title, the band name, the video I should watch or why it is your favorite.

Educate me! Modernize me! Make me cool, people. My reputation is on the line...or what's left of it.

Trust me, my nephew will thank you. And so do I, from the depths of my musically-impaired heart!


  1. pandora.com - i l-o-v-e it and introduces me to great new artists! i can make you a mix cd if you want :)

  2. Yeah you and Eric need my help! Try some Matt & Kim (You Tube that) Bernie Journey, Björn Rosenström, The White Stripe, Coldplay Lauren Hill, Gwen Stefan, Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boy, Blur, Eagle, Bon Iver, Mary J Blige, Justin Nozuka, Owl City, I could go on and on by let see how you do with the first 50 of my ipod'