Friday, February 5, 2010

Quesadilla 2.0

I just had a bit of heaven wrapped up in bready goodness.

It was homemade flat bread, still warm and toasty from the oven, and inside was a tangy cheese that was perfectly salted. The bread was then folded over, looking exactly like a quesadilla.

Except this was the best quesadilla I have ever eaten. EVER EATEN, people.

I would take a picture of it but I consumed it in 4.3 seconds. You totally would have done the same thing.

Now, I am off to find the baker and propose marriage.


  1. Does he have a brother?
    - Claire

  2. oh my goodness! I think its called Gozleme! we had it when we were in Turkey.... actually, I think I had it every day!! we even talked about opening up a Gozleme restaurant in Boulder we loved it so much, complete with the cute little old ladies rolling the dough in the front window! miss you! love kelly jo :)

  3. yumm! I miss you by the way!

  4. Sarah thanks for including me on the blog-I have enjoyed it, sounds like a good trip. I think I am jealouse of the quesadillas-might make some tonight. But flatbread sounds scrumptious! (sarah forney)