Friday, February 26, 2010

Magnificent Seven

Most Thursday nights you can find me with this crowd. We call ourselves "Women's Group" which is the most ridiculous name for something so non-ridiculous.

And after seven years, we still can't find a name we like better.

For seven years we have laughed with each other and cried over disappointments and heartache.

In seven years, we have seen graduations, engagements, marriages, babies, big announcements, small announcements and everything in between. Even the dreaded 30th birthday.

And for seven years, we have exchanged a new pair of pajamas at Christmas, which could be one of the best traditions EVER.

So last night we celebrated our seventh anniversary! How amazing is that?

We were all there except for one. She is a nurse so apparently she was off saving lives. I suppose that is a good excuse but it wasn't the same without her. We were incomplete.

We missed you Kimmy!!!

But your seventh anniversary must be celebrated so we did our best...

...and the only way to properly celebrate this type of milestone was with chocolate. Obviously.

This, my friends, is Heather's Toblerone chocolate fondue that can only be described as a pot of liquid chocolate heaven. I would have stuck my head in the pot and licked it clean but I didn't want to get it in my hair. And it was hot.

Don't worry, I ate more than this. I was just trying to look dainty.

Would you like to meet these girls?  Well of course you would. Who wouldn't?

This is Jenn. Her mom and my mom set us up on a playdate. We were 22. But it was a smashing success and I am thankful they did. I admire so many things about her. She is lovely.
Hey, do you notice that rock on her finger? She just got engaged! And don't you think she is positively glowing? Of course it could be from the laptop that is right in front of her but I tend to think it is the glow of love.

Bust out the sunglasses.

Natalie. I love Natalie. She makes me laugh and helps me to take life a little less seriously. She has one of the most compassionate hearts around. And do you know what else is fun? She's Jenn's I guess I am doubly thankful for the playdate.

These beauties are the two hottest moms in Denver: Abby and Heather. And if you think they're cute, just wait until you see their babies. They have four between the two of them! And they are both teachers. They amaze me.

...and this little guy is Abby's latest creation. I could eat him. His name is Heath...does it get any cuter? I don't think so.

Rachel. She is my sister in so many ways. She even has a bedroom at my parent's house. We have traveled thousands of miles together and both have a love for homemade ice cream. And for the 4th of July. And guess what?! She is going to be a mama soon. She was born for it.

We also made t-shirts.  Every reputable girls group makes t-shirts!

Seven years. Not too shabby, both figuratively and literally. However, I did iron my "G" on backwards. Don't tell anyone. I am conveniently blaming the jetlag (see previous post for details).

But do you know what is even more amazing?

We are all SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. And I love it.

We are nurses, teachers, international developers, event coordinators, administrators, cheerleaders, volleyball players, salsa dancers, bakers, sewers, world-travelers, singers, bowlers, golfers and cowgirls. And that's just the beginning.

So I'm thinking we have a good thing going here.

Here is to another seven years, ladies. And seven more after that, and seven more after that...


  1. What a beautiful tribute to us! And those are some amazing pictures! (other than the one that makes me look 80 years old).... Love you sister! And yes, I love the 4th of July!


  2. sarah, you're looking mighty fine for being jetlagged! :)

  3. Congrats to the WG and their 7 years. Everyone else should have ironed their G on backwards so you wouldn't have to feel so.... jetlagged.

  4. What a great post- love it!! Oh and I love the shirts too!!

  5. Thanks for being such good friends to my daughter, Abby, for the last 6 years. Between the Jansen family and her women's group, she couldn't be in better hands...unless she was home, of course. God's blessings to you all, Pam Johnson

  6. Thanks Sara. :)

    And Pam, our group wouldn't be the same without Abby! We love her so much...and those sweet kiddos too!