Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Bird Seed Ever

I promise this is not a food blog but part of my adventures (and life) seem to be wrapped around the culinary treasures that are just waiting to be discovered!

Three nights ago my colleague and I took a taxi to another part of Beirut for a meeting with yet another non-profit that we may partner with. This gentleman and his mom hosted us in their home to discuss future partnership opportunities and other various what-nots.

His mom, named Hugette, was a stunning woman, full of grace, charm and spunk. She quickly served us tea and then she brought out something that I can only describe as bird seed for grown-ups.

Now, don't write this off just yet. It may look like something you would set out on your deck for the local squirrels, raccoons, birds and who knows what other types of varmits you may have in your area, but it was just good, people.  REALLY, really good.

 Aren't you just loving my mad picture-taking skills? Actually, I claim no talent. It's the stinkin' camera. It is amazing.

Let's give it up again for the man in short brown shorts. He has really contributed greatly to my trip.

Okay everyone. Now don't all run out to Costco at once and grab bird seed to make your own. But if this stuff came in bulk, I would definitely buy it. It is delicious and simple...sesame seeds and honey. And with a cup of tea on a cold February day in Beirut, it doesn't get any better.


  1. Delish.

  2. Also,

    "Holla!" for the man in the short brown shorts.