Friday, February 19, 2010


Disclaimer: Prepare to be amazed. I mean truly amazed. If you are drinking a beverage, please put it down. I would hate for these spectacular pictures to cause you to fling your arms wildly, thus resulting in a severe burn or mind-numbing chill to your lap.

Second Disclaimer: You cannot sue me if that happens.

Petra TOTALLY exceeded my expecations, which is saying a lot because I had HUGE expectations! I mean, c'mon, who hasn't seen The Last Crusade and thought "I need to go there and pretend I am looking for a long-lost treasure that only I can find and I will heal the world of all evil and look really great doing it?"

No one?

Oh, well I did. And even though I didn't find some fake artifact that supposedly has mystical/spiritual powers and causes peoples' faces to melt off, I did see lots of camels, spectacular views and enjoyed a much-needed Snickers bar for lunch.

Does it get any better?

I think not.

So, after a three-hour bus ride south, this was my first vision of Petra:

This is a little blurry because I took it through the bus window, but I thought it was hilarious! This guy was really hauling! The town in the background is Petra.

And now, the journey begins...
This is at the beginning of the trail through Petra. That poor horse carried a hundred tourists up and down the path. It is hard to tell at this angle but I think he was a little bitter.

Oh my gosh, this is the beginning of the trail. Aren't you just so excited??

Apparently I am so excited I had to bust out the spirit fingers.

The lighting was perfect.

Carvings were everywhere.

Water erosion at its finest.

One of my favorite shots of the entire day...the man came around the corner at the perfect time.

Do you see the feet? The rest of him has melted away.

Tami is also very excited. And for a good reason...

Do you see what I see?

Oh, how I loved this moment! The anticipation was almost better than seeing all of it. Truly, I about passed out I was so excited.

Oh. My. Gosh.


No words. Words escape me. No words at all.

Footholds to climb up...a touch steep.

Amazing detail

I really, REALLY wanted to go through the door but the guard wouldn't let me. I thought about hurdling the gate but I didn't think he would be able to handle that much athleticism. I am pretty spectacular at hurdles.

Waiting for tourists...

Proof that Tami was there.

Proof that I was there.

I would love to know this woman.

A wall of tombs

I love the sunlight on this mysterious.

Do you see the shepherd sitting on the rock and the two black goats on top?

Nature calls...

A bedouin and his goods.

The row of royal tombs

And I would love to know this man.

I have SO MANY more pictures I could post (223 in fact) but these will have to do for now. If you ever want to see them, just give me a holler. I will be home soon.

And, to top off this day, we stopped for dates, olives, hummus and pita for the bus ride home. Heaven? Yes, yes it was.

I think I am loving Jordan. I highly recommend this place.

And all you single lades out there: most of the men are above par in the looks department. Hey you have a second cousin or something?


  1. What good photographic skills you have! Can't wait to see all the pics. Mel

  2. we need to get you an explorer's hat! :) love these pics....and now have officially decided i must go there before i die!

  3. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! :) So exciting! And you didn't even have to use your whip! :)

    See you soon!


  4. Here's my "holler" for to see the rest of your pictures. I could also probably find a round tuit somewhere. You know... just in case you need one of those.

  5. Also love the guy hauling on his tractor. I bet you felt right at home!

  6. Amazing...I can hardly wait to hear about the things your eyes have seen : ) Safe journey home.