Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Knew?

In all of my profound brilliance, I had no idea there were mountains in Lebanon.

Oh sure, I knew there were hills, that's biblical. But I assumed they were rolling, desert-like mounds of dirt that for those who were from a non-Rocky Mountain state would call them mountains just to feel better about themselves.

But holy cow, these things are actual, bonafide mountains! People ski, snowboard, hike, camp and hide out in them. I am impressed, people.  IMPRESSED.


And these mountains are right next to Beirut. And of course Beirut is right on the Mediterranean. So we are talking a huge climb from sea level to the tops of these peaks. Huge. It's too bad I have to work because otherwise I would spend days and days hiking around.

Yeah right.

So in case you ever come this way, just remember that there are indeed mountains in Lebanon. I am just looking out for you. I would hate for you to be an international embarrassment or something.


  1. Oh, thank you, thank you, Sarah, for the heads up about the mountains. It's nice to know that I can cross that off my list of embarassing international travel things to do like stare off into the distance with my mouth agape and then say, "Wow, y'all have Real mountains here!!??!!"
    The Incognito Traveler Neigh Dean

  2. Good to know, Sarah Dell. Good to know. :)

    Love you,