Sunday, February 14, 2010

Worth Every Mile

Do you remember the spunky lady who stole my heart when she asked for the Super Chunk? 

Well she fınally received her gift...and it was worth every mile just to see thıs kind of joy.

I know that kind of joy. Ah, the blessed peanut.

Today İ attended a church service in İzmir...otherwise known as Smyrna. I encourage each of you to read Revelation 2. It puts things into a new persepective.

My internet connectiıon is a bit fragile these days so hang in there with me, folks. And there are new keys on this keyboard...apparently the Turks thought they needed to add a few more letters to theır alphabet. Trust me, it is overrated.

İ head to Jordan on Tuesday, my final leg to this crazy trip! But İ did get the word that a stop in Petra is on the agenda. İ am pretty darn stoked. My face looks like my Turkish mother´s above.

Happy Valentine´s Day to all of my Valentines. You are loved from afar this year.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Seester! Love you...

  2. Peanut Butter used as an instrument to further international relations. Genius, Sarah. :)

  3. oops. My first comment was blogless. I'll try again. Your blog is crazy funny. i just want to be you, thats all. Should I buy wedding gifts? herdsman or baker man? BFF Jr.'s mom...

  4. Tuesday morning turbulence over Turkey. Perhaps Petra will provide a powernap period. Or twelve. To prepare for the journey to Jordan and general journalization before taking a gigantic jump over the pond. Yes. Apparently you're not the only one who needs a nap. Or twelve. AnNaNdOiNnYeMOUS