Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Monster Upstairs

So now that I am back and somewhat normal again (don't laugh, people), I am beginning to sense the dreaded pull to exercise.

Okay, let's stop right there. I don't like the word "exercise." It reminds me of unitards and leg warmers and let's be honest, that is not my best look.

So before we get too far into this post, let's now call it "energize."  It makes me feel like a transformer or superhero or something. And besides, a little fantasy never hurt anyone.

So I am beginning to sense the dreaded pull to energize.

Don't get me wrong people, it's not like I have been sedentary. I do walk to my car every morning, I run to get the phone when it rings, and I often lift heavy objects up flights of stairs, namely a new jar of peanut butter up the stairs to my apartment.

I am practically an Olympian.

But the problem is that there is this ginormous, black monster that sits in my loft, glaring down at me, taunting me everytime I choose to sit on the couch and not energize. Sometimes I even hear it mocking me, like it is saying "Hey Sarah, guess what tomorrow is??  It's MARCH! And you know what that means: spring, which is just one tiny season away from summer, which is the gateway to all things fun!"

Or in other words, "Spring is just one tiny season way from summer, which is the gateway to WHO IN THE WORLD THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO INVENT BATHING SUITS?"

Oh ugh. It's not like March is a new has been around for a long time.  But somehow this recent trip erased the month of February for me and I had huge plans to get in shape this month.

HUGE plans, people.

So now, the Monster, otherwise known as the treadmill from Hades, is relishing the fact that February has slipped by without so much as legwarmer on my end.

But, I will prevail. I will overcome. I will climb up the long flight of stairs that I am sure has twice as many steps as most, to the Monster above and walk the heck out of it. Because after all, I am a superhero and superheroes always win in the end.

Now I just need to go find a Lycra cape to add to my work-out attire.

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