Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Like Moses

My last day in Jordan saw us traveling the short distance from Amman to Mt. Nebo and the Dead Sea.

Let me just say up front that this could have been one of the coolest days ever.

First, I slept well the night before and felt fairly perky, which is saying a lot for day 19 of a 20-day trip.

Second, I love Moses. This was his hood, his domain for so many years. And Mt. Nebo was where he breathed his last breath and saw the magnificent beauty of the Promised Land.  Read Deuteronomy 34 for all the details.

He was a sinner yet he was used mightily. He was insecure, unsure of his calling, full of doubt, frustrated, overwhelmed and tired.  But his faith was resilient and he was known for his humility.

I think he and I have that in common.

Oh, I kid.

Enjoy the pics, my friends.

The largest mound of dirt is Mt. Nebo...the one in the background on the left.

At the top.

Looking out over the Jordan River Valley from the top of Mt. Nebo.

The haze prevented us from seeing any of these towns, but you could make out the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

Hazy shot #1

Hazy shot #2

Hazy shot #3

Do you know what you are looking at? No? I didn't either until someone pointed it out. The big tree clump on the lower right-hand side is the beginning of a spring that began when Moses struck the rock with his staff.  Wicked cool.

Next, we drove down off of Mt. Nebo to the Dead Sea. It was an incredible drive with rocky terrain and increasing temperatures.  Oh, and a couple of these...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute. Too bad I couldn't get them through customs otherwise my nephew would have a new pet.

Specific instructions for your dip in the Dead Sea.

Pretty flowers that make me long for spring. Talk about a rude awakening when I arrived in Denver last night to 20 degrees and snow. I am trying not to be bitter.

Vacationing at the Dead Sea. Does anyone else think that sounds weird?
Israel surrounds the western side of the sea and you can see it on the horizon.

This dude is loving life.

I walked in it to my ankles and it was weird and slimey. If you have knicks, blisters, cuts or gaping wounds, do not go in the water. You'll scream bloody murder and wish you could curl up and die on the beach.

 I also tasted it. No, I didn't stick my face in it and get a drink...I just tasted my fingers.
Do not do that. It is beyond disgusting. BE-YOND.

If you are ever in Jordan and you have a day to kill, definitely go to these two places.

The history of these locations is incredible. If Mt. Nebo could talk, we would know where Moses is buried and better understand the intimate relationship he had with God.

If the Dead Sea could talk, it would probably ask for a breath mint.

Now, it is my turn to climb a mountain. Just like Moses, I don't want to do it. But it is my calling and somehow the impossible will be accomplished. And I will try to do it without grumbling.

I am now accepting applications for the role of Aaron.  Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Me! Me! Pick me!!
    Nadine in name only

  2. Look at you going hiking! Your favorite pastime! Love the guy swimming all alone - he is indeed loving life.