Monday, September 24, 2012

Changed His Mind

Recently, we received word from the court that the judge did in fact change his mind and has now denied the request for my dad to transfer to Denver. This means that the remainder of his sentence will have to be spent in Alamosa, barring a miracle, of course.

And just like that, we are back to making Alamosa our home away from home.

This change in ruling is being appealed. That process can be quite lengthy and no change in outcome is guaranteed, but it is nice that we can at least voice our complaint in hopes that someone else will see things differently.

My heart is bruised but my soul is hopeful.


  1. Sarah, I'm so sorry this is happening. I would really like to see your dad sometime. I'd like to go down with you some Saturday soon. And I'll throw K in the back seat for some entertainment on the drive.

    The WP

    1. That would be awesome!! My dad would love it. :) And K would be a big hit!!