Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The GDE: The Cyber World

A few mildly amusing observations from the first few days of the Great Dating Experiment (GDE):

To cyber wink at someone is the equivalent of someone noticing you from afar but is too wimpy to talk to you.

A cyber smile is someone who will at least make eye contact and smile back at you but is still too wimpy to talk to you.

A cyber hug is just creepy.

Thus begins the online dating marathon. If you don't pace yourself, you'll end up becoming cyber engaged to someone you have never actually met. Yet, if you do not act at all, you will be a cyber loser, all alone in the great, wide world of online dating.

And I thought my real life was complicated.

This is why I have handlers. I owe them, big time.


  1. Maybe that is what I need is handlers!

  2. We need an update. How many free cups of coffee have you had thus far?