Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Evening In Paris

I almost wish this post was about a romantic evening I spent in Paris, eating chocolate and dancing around like Gene Kelly in a beautiful dress with sparkles on it, but it is actually a post about my brother.


I am here to announce Treehouse Sanctum's final event of the season at Paris on the Platte this Friday.

And guess what?!  YOU ARE INVITED!

Yep, you.

You should come. It is going to be great! And it is on a Friday night, so if you are anyone but me, that means you get to sleep in the next morning! Total bonus.

So, here are the deets:

Who: Treehouse Sanctum and other really, really great bands
When: Friday, September 28
Where: Paris on the Platte
Time: 8:45

And I am happy to announce that I finally received a payment for my PR skills. Sam recently took me to see Gregory Alan Isakov (who I thought was actually Bon Iver) as a way to say "thanks, sis" for all that I do. I enjoyed every moment of the concert (after I realized who I was listening to) and especially appreciated Sam's comment about Isakov, "His music makes you want to dream."

True that, brother. And perhaps take a nap.

See you Friday, peeps!

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