Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Second Winter and a Big Fat Rodent

Happy February, my friends!

I love February. I love hearts and chocolate and pink things and flowers and chocolate. I also love that February is only 4 weeks long and that next month ushers in the arrival of spring. Or as I like to call it "our second winter."

For those of you who do not live in Colorado, our snowiest month is March. Just when you think you have survived another winter and can now emerge from your down-filled cocoon, El Niño or La Niña or some other Spanish family member drops 10 feet of snow on our beautiful state making you wish you could party it up in Cancun with the rest of the world.

Actually, that is not true. I have absolutely no desire to try on a bathing suit right now. Three-way mirrors combined with bad fluorescent lighting and too many batches of brownies make for a fashion trifecta from Hades.

As I was saying, I love February, because even though March ushers in a whole new round of winter, just the mere fact of knowing that spring is around the corner and you are closer to the next summer than you are the previous one makes all the difference in the world.

And to make things even better, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today so we will have an early spring. Place your bets on that one, folks.

So how are you surviving this Arctic Blast of Frigidity? Are you napping? Catching up on mending? Watching movies? Drinking hot chocolate? Going stir crazy?

Yesterday I worked from home while watching two movies, making a roast, baking a cake, doing three loads of laundry and trying to figure out if I should change from pajamas to another form of stretchy pant. Claire also stayed at home and performed the same type of functions except for the cooking. I am proposing an agreement that if I cook and bake, she will pay my rent. I see this as a win/win situation. I'll let you know what she says.

I am happy to report that the Hummingbird Cake is SO STINKIN' GOOD! And it is really easy. I took plenty of pictures so I'll post the recipe this week. It is perfect for cold, snowy days, or warm, sunny days in the park. It is an all-weather cake. And when you combine that with cream cheese frosting, it is hard not to want to make it every week.

Just don't be alarmed when you try on bathing suits. Apparently cream cheese and spandex do not mix.


  1. I love your cooking and baking. I will not pay your rent even though I love your cooking and baking.

    But you did get to stay in the garage an extra about we call it even? :)

    And yes, that cake was dang good! Stretchy pants rock. (And I was not nearly that productive.)

    Your Seester

  2. Can't wait for the posting of this recipe!!!!!

    Sounds like it was a Sweet Sisterly Snowy Day :)

  3. I only ever wear stretchy pants these days and you know about my love for Punxatawney Phil. I also love Valentine's Day... it's wonderful Not even for the love part, just all of the other pretty things. And... I can't wait for summer!!!


  4. I'm glad nobody else is around because I just laughed really hard at your blog. Thanks for that! I'm glad you had a productive PJ day!!

  5. Your title of a Big Fat Rodent has me wondering there for a minute! I thought we needed to call an exterminator to the condo.
    You're one funny girl!

  6. I think spandex is a direct result of cream cheese.